Sunday, 26 December 2010

Merry Christmas from Dolly!

The Queens speech is all well and good, but this year I thought I'd share with you a message from the Queen of glitter and excess - Dolly Parton. So much more than just a singer, Dolly is a true inspiration in so many ways - a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. I heart Dolly forever.

Hunting out vintage treasures with Tamara

Merry Christmas one and all! Yes I'm a day late, but as we're all still stuffing ourselves with turkey and Christmas cake I think it's acceptable!

On Thursday I went for (what I thought was) an innocent coffee in Camden with Tamara. I should have known it wouldn't just be a quick caffeine boost and catch-up though, and 6 hours later I found myself wearily trudging back from Camden, unable to feel my toes, and laden with shopping bags containing a whole new vintage wardrobe! Typical! Yes - Tamara is singly the best and worst person to ever go shopping with (or just vaguely near shops with). Best - in that she'll give you great advice. Worst - in that you'll definitely end up buying me, you just will.

Obviously I totally love my new purchases - I hope you will too!

Yes - I know, it's ANOTHER vintage maxi dress! What can I say - I just love the glamour and elegance of the maxi silhouette, and it feels so special to wear something that was made-to-measure by hand (even if it wasn't originally made for me!) and not in some distant sweatshop. Anyway, this one was a total bargain at a mere £19.95 in the Sue Ryder Charity shop.

The charity shop also threw up this cardi - a total classic, and sure to become a wardrobe staple. At £7.95 it really wasn't worth thinking about. Great shape, great glitter - total winner.

By the time we ventured deep into the depths of The Stables I was absolutely determined that I wasn't going to buy one more single thing. I wasn't even looking, promise. Then this turban jumped out at me, and although I tried my bestist to resist Tamara was insistent that I at least try it on...and the game was over. The colour - the deep dreamy luscious teal. The smooth sumptuous twirling velvet, and the unusual side knot had to be mine. At £30 it was my most expensive purchase....and although I don't like to play favourites, I have to admit I love it the most.

So there you have it - proof that there are still some bargains to be bagged in Camden...if you're shopping with the right pair of eyes that is!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Building a grown-up wardrobe: Part 1

Recently I've been thinking more and more about building a grown-up wardrobe. To me this means stopping the Primark binges and spontaneous high-street splurges, and instead carefully and calculatedly (yes, it's a word!) buying more expensive, better quality, stand-out love-forever pieces which I'll still want to wear in 20 years time.

Regular readers may have noticed that there haven't been any posts about things I've brought recently, and that's because since going freelance, I've hardly brought any clothes at all. My amazing uncharacteristic restraint has really spurred me on to want to start buying more sensibly, and today I think I may have found my first grown-up-cherish-for-a-lifetime purchase.

As soon as I saw this silk rose print Alexander McQueen cape I was overcome with a desire to buy it. At £455 it's not cheap, but it's out of my 4-figure reach either. I'm not saying that I'm going to buy it immediately, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. For one, I can hardly think of anything it wouldn't go with (within reason obvs). You could dress it down like Matches have done here, or wear it to spice up an LBD. It's striking bold pattern transcends trends and time, and would always be as beautiful and fascinating as it is today. As far as investment pieces go, it's already ticking all the boxes, and that's before you even begin to consider the cultural significance of this piece being designed by Sarah Burton in the year following Lee McQueen's death. Yes, this could very well be the first piece in my hero wardrobe.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Getting in the closet

OMGG, it's like the second post of the day - WTF? My second post today was meant to be about ethical fashion (bleurgh), but then the Queen of Fabulous (and my long-time idol), Joan Rivers, tweeted this link and I just had to share it with you.

Watch live streaming video from Bluefly at

I have to be honest - I'm not really sure who Bluefly are, or quite what they're selling, BUT anyone who takes me to heaven via the wardrobes of some well known faces and every luxury brand you could think of, is my friend. Listen out for some top moments including Joan Rivers, 'If you take yourself too seriously you're an idiot - that's why I hate Victoria Beckham', and Nicky Hilton, 'I'm so happy my sister doesn't get vintage'. Totes amazels!

p.s. it's on a weird livestream thing, so keep watching till you get back round to where you started - promise it's worth it - trust me, I know a Dr....

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Princess Emily's spangletastic birthday

On Saturday night I did something I rarely do, and ventured in to central London. In general the West end on a Saturday night is not my scene; badly dressed tourists, and badly behaved locals don't make for a very happy Siam, but seeing as it was my very good friend Emily's 30th birthday party I thought I'd better suck it up. Obviously once I was out - safely nestled in the bosom of The Bureau club, a couple of drinks to the wind and flailing round the dancefloor to a disco classic, I wondered what I'd been making all the fuss about.

Emily aka. Princess spanglepants was the quintessential birthday girl in her floor-sweeping Kate Moss for Toppers sequin- festooned dress (and trademark red lippie).

And proving that she can never be upstaged, no matter how fierce the competition, here she is striking a pose-and-a-half with her bestie and partner in (many) crimes, the infamous Mr Sam Dowler (who much to his horror I nicknamed Buttons for the night).

Last but not least here's the ever-charming Jamie - my friend Anna's boyf - who I thought looked rather dashing in a grey tweed tie and matching cardie. Subtle yet that's something I don't say often.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Karen Millen - leave your preconceptions at the door

Now I can't lie - I haven't always been Karen Millen's biggest fan. I know it's a horribly fashion-snob-bitch thing to say, but it's always carried certain connotations for me (middle aged HR managers from Peterborough out on the raz to be precise), so I have to admit to never paying it much attention. Then a couple of months ago I popped in to their press office to do a pull for a job, and to my surprise I came out with more than one piece...and more shockingly my very own Karen Millen wish list. You see the showroom wasn't just a collection of knee length satin dresses as I'd (rather small-mindedly) expected. Yes they still had lots of easy-to-wear-pretty-but-not-life-changing party/ special event type dresses, but they also had some surprisingly pitch-perfect and of the moment glam rock-goth pieces. It just shows you - it never does to get too complacent when it comes to the British high street.

So that said, here are my 4 fave Karen Millen pieces right now - let me know if you love them too!

Who doesn't own a biker jacket nowadays? If you're that one person, then I'd seriously consider investing in this badboy. At £399 it's not cheap, but with it's hardcore shoulder studs and dainty buttons it really stands out from the crowd, and will earn you some serious fashion points.

You'd never guess, but I love a sequin skirt I do, and this one really is something special. The layers and silver bead embellishment give it a cheeky gladiator feel, which really distinguishes its high street rivals. Yes £135 is a bit of an investment, but it's ridiculously versatile - wear it with a rock tee in the day for that edgy-cool LA look, or a bit of lace at night for the full-on goth goddess look. Love, want, need.

Skinny double belts are the fashion crowds secret weapon (don't believe me - then pay a visit to the Satorialist - they're all at it). Tan and black leather with glistening black studs, this belt is incredibly chic, and at £49.95 I reckon it's a total bargain.

I don't usually like small bags (travelling light isn't one of my many talents), but for this hard case clutch embellished with matt black sequins and silver beads (£99), I'd be willing to make an exception.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

My ultimate Channukah wish list…

What with the mars bar fiasco last night, I thought it was time to do something I never usually do, and make a Channukah list. Usually I shy away from lists – to-do lists, wedding lists, and especially Channukah/Christmas/ Birthday lists. I love a good surprise present, and hate the idea of being one of those people who is so self-absorbed and controlling that they feel the need to dictate to people what they can buy them. Having said that, my waistline is not going to appreciate another 7 Mars bars, so for my tummies sake I’m stepping in!

So, in no particular order, here are my top 7 dream presents for the rest of Channukah 2010:

Number 7: No – it’s really not just a t-shirt! This is sexy lingerie masquerading as a t-shirt D&G stylee, and I really would wear it ALL THE TIME! I’ve wanted this for months and moths now, and have been very very restrained in not buying it. Therefore I feel I now deserve it and will be most upset if I don’t own it by the end of the week. FACT.

Number 6: As predicted this summer, now I'm a freelancer I'm spending a truly obscene amount of time in my pj’s. I first saw these at the Selfridges Christmas press day in July, and hardly a day has gone by where I haven't wished they were mine. So despite their price tag (somewhere round the er £800 mark), these Ashish pyjamas are really a necessity, not a luxury. In fact, I even reckon I’d be able to claim the tax back on them!

Number 5: Yes, I may already own a pair of Duo boots, but I desperately need another pair. You see I love my Duo boots more than I knew I could love any boots ever. Not only are they beautifully made and fit like a glove (or like a boot should!), but every time I wear them I get gazillions of compliments, and no matter what I wear with them I always look super-chic, smart and generally glorious! So, yes I may already own this pair, but I need the ones above too, so there!

Number 4: I’m having a bit of a statement tights moment right now, and although I have more than a couple of pairs I’m clumsy and ladder them all within days. Bebaroque really take the whole statement tight thing to a whole different level though, and these Carla ones are my absolute faves. So I’d really love to add to my little collection!

Number 3: Ok, so I know this might sound weird, but for the past couple of years I’ve become slightly obsessed with trying to find the perfect Christmas jumper. Ideally I was hoping for something second hand and hand knitted by someone's Granny, but after months of trawling charity shops with no luck, I’ve found this brand spanking shiny new number by Louche - a snip at £42, which would do me just fine for now!

Number 2: I love jewellery – it’s my ‘thing’, but since going freelance I’ve been really good and not really brought any. I’ve been thinking about it long and hard, and what I’d really like the most is an armour ring. I know there are lots and lots of amazing young jewellery designers out there creating incredibly beautiful things, but in this case this Topshop version is just what I’m after.

Number 1: Why is it that no matter how many bags you have you could always do with just one more. Right now what I’m really needing (yes needing), a brilliant black every date tote. After much consideration I have decided that Angel Jackson's black Lakota tote is 110% what I'm after. Please Santa (aka. Friends and family) please!!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A White Channukah

Happy Channukah! It's still a bit early to know if we're going to have a white Christmas yet, but at least it's turned out to be a white Channukah (even if this really isn't the same at all, as there was never a song called White Channukah...). Anyway. This year Channukah's come early. So early in fact that no one in the Family G household realised it started tonight until I looked it up yesterday afternoon! With half a day to buy presents (and it's supposed to be 8 pressies each), and everyone working full time (ish in my case) presents were a bit on the sparse side tonight. When I say sparse I mean it....I was given an unwrapped Mars bar my Mum had squirrelled in a draw. Not exactly what I'd been hoping/wishing/ visualising for...still at least we have another 7 nights to get it right....fingers crossed!

Friday, 26 November 2010

All I want for Channukah....

Love Moschino - never has a brand been so appropriately named, as I do indeed majorly LOVE Moschino! Flashy, trashy, shiny, 80's brashness in all its designer glory - I feel Moschino is a brand who truly understand the heart and soul of Miss Sisi G.

And so to these gorgeous gloves. Obviously last year I was maybe just a teensy bit obsessed by a certain pair of Chanel earmuffs (which no one bothered to buy me despite numerous hints and blog posts). Not one to let a total lack of interest from others stop me in my lusting tracks, this year my winter accessory de jour are these rather hermes-zing embellished grey angora Love Moschino gloves.....HOW CUTE!

Family and friends I'm going to make this very simple. Here's the link to - I'll leave the rest to you....

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

RIP Rocky

Tomorrow is sad day in Miss Sisi G world, as tomorrow my beloved Rocky - my closest companion, partner in crime, and confidante of 10 years is heading to his final resting place. Loved by all who met him, he was the most loyal and hard-working car a girl could ever wish for. He was with me through college, university, and beyond. He witnessed first dates and break-ups, new friends and old. I'll never love another car as much as I love him, and will remember him always. His sticky gears, his broken back wiper, and all the other little quirks that I grew to know and love.

RIP Rocky - the bestest car in the world - I'll miss you much x

Monday, 22 November 2010

The early bird catches the Lanvin.....I hope!

God it's cold outside! I don't know what's wrong with me these past few days but I keep forgetting just how cold it is and going out dressed for Spring (ie. flimsy culottes and little jackets!). After very nearly losing a couple of fingers to frostbite this afternoon (fingerless gloves really not cutting it), I've decided to take full advantage of my freelance status and work from under my duvet all day tomorrow!

Even the icy weather can't dampen my excitement for the Lanvin for H&M (or Lanvin HEARTS H&M as I like to call it) launch tomorrow though. Like most of the fashion world I've become slightly obsessed with this collaboration - even going so far as to call it 'The best designer/ High street collaboration EVER' in a piece I wrote for MSN (if you haven't yet read it click here).

As if the beautiful clothes and crazy sexy cool ad campaign weren't enough, last week Alber threw a massive chi chi party in NY and put on one of the most exciting, playful and beautiful catwalks I've ever seen. Everything about it is just fabulous - from Anna Dello Russo walking, to the sensational styling (having seen this I am now obsessed with wanting red polka dot and pink leopard print tights, and utterly convinced that I need the entire collection).

So sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and witness fashion at it's very best....

...Oh, and don't forget to set your alarms for the morning, as for one day only the only bird catches the Lanvin!

LANVIN FOR H&M – THE "HAUTE COUTURE" SHOW from Barracuda Film & TV on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Charlotte Church - Logical World

I'm always amazed at how quickly music videos come together. We filmed this just over a week ago, and now I'm able to share it with you guys - amazing! Styling wise it's the complete opposite of the Back to scratch video - lace, velvet, luxury lingerie, vintage and gorgeous jewellery - what a dream! I really hope you all like it, and agree that Charlotte looks absolutely stunning - please let me know what you think!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

The definition of Hermes-zing!

I can't even express in words quite how much I LOVE this video. For those who have seen it already - well bully for you; for those who haven't yet - boy you're in for a treat! When people talk about crazy, inspiring, creative projects, and fashion as art, blah blah blah, this is the kind of end result I always wish for. This beautifully nutty video commissioned by Courtney Love, about how her Hermes Birkin bag changed her life, is the best short film I've seen, well, practically ever. From animated Karl Lagerfeld, Andre Leon Talley,, to talking noodles, and tones of glitter, this is 6.37 minutes of perfect day-dream indulgence. Sit back, enjoy, and let me know if you love it too!

(Dedicated to my absolutely fabulous friend Emily M...she knows why! xx)

Blog Coma - Blog Binge

Lock up your shoes and hide your furs, as the bitch is back! Always one eager to try out a new trend I've been the living embodiment of the lastest blog buzzphrase, a 'blog coma' for the past couple of weeks. I'm hoping that the old adage is true though, and that absence really does make the heart grow fonder....I've certainly missed you guys!

So, from coma to binge - brace yourselves as I'm back!

Monday, 4 October 2010

LFW Sept 2010 - On Sunday there was last!

Sunday was a good day. I started off early at Basso & Brooke. The collection was light, airy and young, and a wonderful start to my Sunday. Sadly I didn't manage to get any decent pics - not even one, so you're just gonna have to take my word for it (or look on!

The rather genteel start to the day was then totally shattered by what was to become one of of my LFW highlights - Charlie Le Mindu's show. As we took our seats we were all expecting a bit of flesh - maybe the odd nipple or what have you. What we weren't expecting was a full-frontal extravaganza (causing the ever-fabulous Sebulous to rename/ crown him Charlie Le Minge-u)! This show was without a doubt one of my absolute faves. After 3 days of neutral palettes, safe shift dresses and nicey nice tailoring I was crying out of a massive dollop of something subversive, and Charlie provided a truck-full. Here are some of my high-lights...

Poodle perm brilliance. I think every perm should come with poodle at the front as standard from now on.

I've always had a thing for Flamingo's (in a platonic sense, obvs), so totally fell for this Flamingo hat. How fricking fabulous - would wear it at the drop of a....well....hat!

Charlie's show was styled by his good friend Anna Trevelyan (aka. Tamara's ex-assistant, who is now assisting Nicola Formichetti who styles Gaga). I wonder how many of these pieces will end up on La Gaga? I can definitely see her in this Hollywood headpiece - no?
Also, heard a fantastic rumour that one of the models got cold feet and refused to go commando at the last minute, forcing Charlie and Anna to cast one of the assistants! Isn't that just the best story? I REALLY hope it's true! And if it is, all I can say is thank god I wasn't assisting on this show!

Jasper Conran was pretty - sorbet colours and summer dresses, and some fantastic Stephen Jones hats - which again made me long for a massive floppy hat to attract lots of attention with, and hide behind simultaneously!

Then we all treked to bloody Souf Landan for the Matthew Williamson show (admittedly Tamara was driving, so it wasn't that much effort for me!). The venue was the awe-inspiring Battersea power station, which I thought was well worth the effort.

Inside the purpose built catwalk tent. What a phenomenal back drop.

The collection had a luxe-safari feel. I loved the taffeta and heavy silver embellishment....

And the extreme tassels...

The exceedingly wearable sandals (especially the ones with the patterned bases).

And of course there were the obligatory floaty maxi dresses. This year they were toughened-up with some sexy S&M stylee harness action, which I was liking very much (although thinking they'll look a bit surgical with bigger boobs)!

Would swap my mother for: The body of either of the naked models from Charlie Le Mindu's show - serious envy. Failing that the Flamingo head-dress has feautured in a dream of two...

Would wear if gifted: Any of the Basso & Brooke pretty dresses or a silver-embellished Matthew Williamson jacket. In fact, if I had the money I'd even pay for them.

Couldn't stomach: Fluro yellow Charlie Le Mindu wigs. Just not a colour hair should come in. Ever.

LFW Sept 2010 - On Saturday I was bad Jew

Saturday was also Yom Kippur (aka. the holiest day in the Jewish calendar), so I was in two-minds whether to go to the shows at all. In the end I went with my head and followed the fashion piper into town...I'd been quite good this year, so probs didn't have that much repenting to do anyway!

I was a bit naughty and slept through two shows (one of which I later heard had served bloody mary's and baked goods, so more fool me!), and started my day with some Betty Jackson action.

The show closed with these utterly fantastic feather trousers. Thinking about it you probably have to be a size 8 or smaller to carry them off without causing too many references to 'Big bird', but I likey nonetheless.

The main talking point of the show was the poor model who somehow managed to get her foot caught in her bag strap and fall over. Poor thing - can you imagine?!

And here she is limping one shoe off, and one shoe on - just like the nursery rhyme....although I'm not sure John had a designer handbag hooked over his leg too!

In the afternoon I went to the Spijkers en Spijkers show, which seemed good at the time, although looking back seems rather bland and pedestrian. I'm not sure whether this is a reflection on the collection or my bad photography, but the best image of the show was this one of the stunning sisters you think there's a third short fat ugly sister out there.....hhhmmm....

Bryce Aime was a total disaster as far as I'm concerned. Ugly leggings, strangely-shaped clingy too-short t-shirts, ridiculous Geisha shoes none of the girls could walk in, and 'directional' hair failed to come together as a cohesive, catwalk-worthy collection. The FROW goodie bag on the other hand was delightful. Shame.

Ok - if you can manage to see past the massive top-knot, this is my fave look from John Rocha's collection. Romantic, whimsical and monochrome, it was everything you want from Rocha and more. J'adore. Also delighted to see that frizzy hair's back - a trend that will take no effort from me to follow - joy!

Would swap my mother for: One of the beautiful, and admittedly totally OTT John Rocha hats. In black. Want quite a lot.

Would wear if gifted: A surprising amount of the Betty Jackson collection (loved all the feathers)....apart from those hideous clonky wedges obvs.

Couldn’t stomach: The entire Bryce Aime Collection (see above).

LFW Sept 2010....the last known reports...

Not even gonna bother with excuses as to why my LFW coverage is about a month late. Will just say that I’ve been mentally busy and totally exhausted. End of.

LFW – wow, seems like a trillion years ago…and in fashion terms it kinda was! The fash pack have ravaged Milan and are now romping round Paris, and soon all will be back to normal. Then before we know it it’ll be February and it’ll all start over again – god help us all! Anyway, I was very much out and about during LFW (apart from Monday when I assisted on a rather frustratingly-scheduled shoot). Was pretty devastated at the time, but it had to be done, and I had THE most phenomenal chicken and avo sandwich of my life at Spring Studios, so swings and roundabouts I guess!

If trad catwalk reports are what you’re after, then please see the previous post with links to all my bits for MSN and Planet Notion. If however you want some interesting pics, and my take on LFW complete with my ‘Would swap my mother for; Would wear if gifted; Couldn’t stomach’ rating then read on….

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Lost in fashion....

(Shot from Charlie Le Mindu which was one of my FAVE shows of LFW)

Yes, I've gone awol again! The schedule's been all kinds of mental this and last week - so please bare with me. I have lots of exciting LFW related things to tell you, and will do so very soon, but in the meantime I'd love you to have a squiz at my PPQ, John Rocha, Betty Jackson, Basso & Brooke, Matthew Williamson and Ashish catwalk reports of MSN and Christopher Kane report for Notion magazine (also brownie points for anyone who finds the totally hid picture of me looking rather unimpressed and VERY glittery on their site)! Also, if you're not already, you can follow my daily ups and downs on twitter - I'm MissSisiG!

Thanks for all your ongoing support - it's very much appreciated, and I'll reward you with lots of LFW snaps, gossip and opinion mucho soon my fashwan amigos!


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Hilary for Fashion Queen!

When it comes to British fashion legends Hilary Alexander is up there for me. Everywhere you go, there she is tirelessly scribbling away on her notepad. Yesterday she made it to the Bora Aksu show just in the nick of time, and instead of pulling rank and creating a fuss just popped herself down on the floor and quietly got down to business – now you don't get more down to earth than that! 3 cheers for Hilary I say - if only everyone in the industry was so modest!

Bora Aksu – Ants & Corsets

The show notes provide a charming story of how Bora discovered and became fascinated with a colony of ants one day, and although I think he has translated this brilliantly into the collection, his show yesterday morning all felt a bit A/W for me.

Apart from a smattering of red it was a very neutral and really quite wintry palette, and partnered with the opaque tights, Bora doesn’t seem too optimistic about the chances of good weather next summer!

The collection was (short) dress heavy, with a couple pairs of trousers to break it up. The dresses were all very pretty - feminine but with a certain hard edge. I particularly liked the padded structured ones. Ruffles worked alongside masculine tailoring and references such as braces, and all in all the collection felt cohesive and very wearable.

Padded dresses - I'm sure these will make lots of celeb and editorial appearances.

Chic casual tailoring

Very easy to wear dresses with slightly gothy detailing

Masculine references alongside feminine shapes and fabrics

Those cheeky ant hair pieces - fabulous fashion fun!

Anty marbled tights, and those fugly shoes! Think the tights are quite cool actually, but I'd team with something a lot plainer - they're a show on their own!

Would swap my mother for: One of the hair bugs

Would wear if gifted: The red ruffle front skirt or one of the structural dresses

Couldn’t stomach: The shoes (not sure who they were by, but they were vile)

Ashley Isham SS11 - Behind the scenes!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get backstage at the Ashley Isham show. Tamara was styling, and I was meant to be assisting - although with all the excitement and (organised) chaos, I ended up falling into journo mode and snapping shots and getting quotes!

You've all probably seen images from the catwalks, but get ready to see where the magic happens!

The show took place in the On/Off show space. Here is a list of our look numbers and models, which was sadly little use to me as I could only put one face to a name, and there were about 20 of them!

The clothes arrived all bagged-up and not looking very glamorous at all. We also had a board of pictures of each model in her looks, but again, once the action started there wasn't much time for triple checking!

The team (L - R) - Malcom Edwards, hair stylist extraordinaire; Tamara, who was styling the show; Jess, one of her assistants; and last but by no means least, the man himself - Ashley Isham (who was looking rather dashing in a choir boy kinda way I thought)!

Me getting a mani backstage...yes, it's a hard life! What's more it's not just any mani, as it was done by Sarah Bacchus - Celebrity nail technician. I was actually providing a service don't ya know, as Sarah needed to do a colour trial-run, and there were no models there about right place right time! Stupidly I forgot to take down a ref of the colour, but it's a gorgeous nude...yummy!

My fave picture of the day! Malcom and team working away on a girl while she reads - love it!

Models in waiting. The post hair and make-up, pre dress rehearsal lull...

Gorgeous green eyes, by Pro-MAC make-up artist (and all round lovely lady) Sharon Dowsett.

The set. How beautiful! I thought they were very magical rain-forest.

Head-wear genius Kiko (with the blue hair) and his team working like maniacs to finish his 4 incredible head pieces backstage. I don't think I saw any of the look-up for about 3 hours...didn't envy them at all. The hard-work definitely paid off though!

One of my fave looks from the collection. I love the graphic print, burnt orange and shape of the dress, and the headdress (literally) topped it off perfectly!

My favourite headdress. They were made from silk flowers, crystal and laser-cut brass - just incredible! In case you hadn't already guessed Kiko is the man behind many of La Gaga's head pieces. I'm thinking I'd like one instead of a veil when I get married...

Trio of blue dresses...

Beautiful black gowns...

Raphael Young shoes, which I'm totally in love with! He's a new designer, and I think the next Nicholas Kirkwood....deffers one to watch!

Tamara jubilant at the end of the show, clapping away to our fantastic closing song - Rock the boat The Hues Corporation - TUNE!