Saturday, 18 September 2010

Bora Aksu – Ants & Corsets

The show notes provide a charming story of how Bora discovered and became fascinated with a colony of ants one day, and although I think he has translated this brilliantly into the collection, his show yesterday morning all felt a bit A/W for me.

Apart from a smattering of red it was a very neutral and really quite wintry palette, and partnered with the opaque tights, Bora doesn’t seem too optimistic about the chances of good weather next summer!

The collection was (short) dress heavy, with a couple pairs of trousers to break it up. The dresses were all very pretty - feminine but with a certain hard edge. I particularly liked the padded structured ones. Ruffles worked alongside masculine tailoring and references such as braces, and all in all the collection felt cohesive and very wearable.

Padded dresses - I'm sure these will make lots of celeb and editorial appearances.

Chic casual tailoring

Very easy to wear dresses with slightly gothy detailing

Masculine references alongside feminine shapes and fabrics

Those cheeky ant hair pieces - fabulous fashion fun!

Anty marbled tights, and those fugly shoes! Think the tights are quite cool actually, but I'd team with something a lot plainer - they're a show on their own!

Would swap my mother for: One of the hair bugs

Would wear if gifted: The red ruffle front skirt or one of the structural dresses

Couldn’t stomach: The shoes (not sure who they were by, but they were vile)


  1. I think I may have to own a pair of those tights! They are amazing! Definitely very A/W though, I see what you mean.

    Amelia x

  2. They really are aren't they! I do like them though - just not for the summer! Let me know if you get them! x