Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ella ella ella, eh eh eh....

Another brilliant day (shoot was AMAZING - can't wait for you all to see it!)...apart from the bloody shitty weather that is! Does anyone know at what stage rain qualifies as Monsoon?!

I don't usually like being outshone, but when I saw Lia's umbrella it immediately brought a smile to my face, even though it made me slightly ashamed of my leopard-print Primark number (although I was totally rocking the double leopard with my trolley too)! Lovely Lia (who's an artist - I don't know much about Art, but her work looks amazing - check out her website) got both her brolly and fab vintage cardi from Spitalfields. Her top tip is to go on a Thursday for the best stalls and bargains! A tip I'll most definitely be following....see ya there!

p.s. totally didn't notice at the time, but how hilare are the smurf-a-bee oompa loompa's in the background - CLASSIC!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Vice Vice baby!!

As if all this fashion fun wasn't enough, today I finally achieved one of my long-standing career objectives of being published by Vice - Yay! Vice is one of my absolute favourite, er, vices! I simply just can't get enough of it's smutty, immature, sleazy, witty, don't-give-a-fuck-about-the-advertisers attitude, and have been trying to write for them forever (well, seriously for like 8 months, but in my dreams a lot longer)! Anyway, today my pervy interview with Jay (who runs the wet look heaven blog) went up on ViceStyle and made my week (possibly month, although I wouldn't want to say that for sure yet). So, here's the link - I'd really love for you all to have a read, and maybe even leave a comment saying what a wonderful insightful brilliantly written interview it is, and how you'd like to read much more from me very soon....just an idea...

Si xx

Some days everything just goes your way...

...and this was one of those days for me! Yes the rain was relentless, and my pumps soaked through and the Jew-fro sprung into action, but today was a brilliant day none-the-less.

We were in the final stages of prepping for tomorrows big CC shoot, which I'm almost-can't-sleep excited about. It's amazing to be able to work with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Westwood, Burberry, Felder Felder, D&G, Acne....etc etc (dribble dribble drool). Every time a courier arrived I lept up and basically ripped the bag out of his soggy (from the rain people!) hands! Even though the goodies weren't for me (and in most cases didn't even fit - bugger sample sizes/ bugger not being sample size) I still felt a massive rush of excitement every time I ripped open a bag. Loser? And because I'm nice and can't resist here are a couple of sneak peeks of my fave bits...

Rigby and Peller corset, made to measure. If I were rich I'd lay around all day drinking gin out of a teacup and wearing this corset. At over £300 it's lavish, and sensual and totally extravagant, and yes, it may look a big Gaga-ga-ga-ga (spesh with the matching knickers), but since when was that a bad thing?

Ahhh - Louis Vuitton....tra la la, heaven! I felt I had to watch my manners and language just being in the same room as this skirt. It's from look 25 of their A/W 2010 collection, and is made of THE very softest leather imaginable (think cashmere). Fashion heaven.

You gotta love those D&G boys - they always know how to make a woman feel sexy. I have to say I'm becoming a little obsessed with this t-shirt; not content with paying it regular visits on the Harvey Nic's website, I then decided to call it in for the shoot. I'm not exactly rolling in it at the mo (money that is), so £110 is a bit much to spend on a does have a lace cami printed on it, and I'd wear it all the time, so....I'm thinking it might be an investment?!

For those who don't recognise, THIS, is the coat of the season (duh)! Burberry's shearling aviator jackets took the fashion world by storm last season, and are basically the reason why you'll all be wearing one by September. Like me you probs won't be getting this one (unless you happen to have a spare couple of grand hanging round I don't know about?), but never-the-less, it's nice to look (and maybe try on when you're all alone) he he...

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Never again will I do appointments in heels!!!

You're just in luck. My dinner date (sadly female and platonic) is running late, so I have just enough time to tell you about my day!

Tamara and I are in the middle of prepping for another big Charlotte shoot (this time editorial shots). It's much better than the last one - we're calling in lots of big names (Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Westwood - yum yum yum) - and I've just seen the call sheet and apparently we should be done by 2pm - amazing!!!

This afternoon we did some appointments - Blow pr, Starworks (via a mooch around Selfridges) and Browns. I made the mistake of wearing heels. Not big heels, but heels enough. Never again. Tamara was wearing her gorgeous Prada degrade heels (which make me want to weep with envy whenever I see them) and flew up and down Oxford street like she was barefoot. Argh!

First stop was Blow pr. I LOVE their offices SOOOO much. Their office is like my dream house. Big open plan warehouse space scattered with A-MA-ZING weird wonderful creations from all their uber-cool cutting edge designers. I took a million pics there - will do a separate post about them later!

With time to kill Tamara and I went for a browse in Selfridges. We were just gossiping in the food court when Tamara's jaw dropped and her eyes became the size of saucers. Slowly I turned around to see Layla. Obviously I had to get a pic of a girl brave enough to go to Selfridges in knickers....laddered Henry Holland tights, a cartoon top, 2 Blue Peter badges, a massive diamond encrusted gun necklace and some serious face jewellery!! Despite the get-up (god I'm sounding old!) Layla was actually a bit of a shy flower. I did manage to conduct the following brief interview though...
Me: OMG, can I please get a picture of you for my blog?
Layla: Ummmm....yes....
Me: What's your name?
Layla: Layla
Me: Where are you from?
Layla: Kent, but originally Cyprus
Me: Where do you get your inspiration from?
Layla: Music, tv, art....

Spurred on by our Layla encounter Tamara and I headed over to Browns Focus. Argh, it's just heaven. I love Browns world, you forget you're in the centre of London madness surrounded by French exchange students and angry bus drivers! I went a bit mental and kept picking strange Layla-worthy cutlery jewellery, and Tamara had to remind me who we were styling and what for! Typical me!

Me post-appointments looking as tired as I feel!! Because I've either been sitting on a sofa writing, or running round styling I've fallen into the dreaded leggings-black-hole of doom in the last few weeks. Today I was feeling a little slutty though, so opted for this teensy H&M zip skirt, and big Miss Selfridge demin shirt to hide my haven'tbeentothegyminanage-tummy and ridiculously for the first time in ages a bit of a heel. Lesson learnt - next time I decide to make an effort I'll do it on a sofa day!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Get me to The Church on time...

No, I'm not getting married in the morning...far more exciting than that, as last Wednesday I was able to live my teen-dreams of being a world famous, award winning, recording artist vicariously through Charlotte Church! Ok - so I never actually dreamt of being a pop star, but spending 17 hours on the shoot for Charlotte's new single last week (which is great btw) did make me wish I could hold a tune/ be a little bit famous!! It also made Charlotte my new 2nd fave celeb (after interviewing him at Glasto, Mr (Vanilla) Ice will always have a special place in my heart). You know how you're always hearing that famous people are really down-to-earth? Well Charlotte hand-on-heart really really is. In fact, she's the least diva-like person I've probably ever met; even my dad's more of a demanding than she is!! Maybe it's because she's been in the game so long; maybe it's because she's Welsh; whatever it is she's incredibly sweet, incredibly hard-working, and to top it all of is very talented and has a killer body! Enough to make you sick really!

Anyway, enough Charlotte-loving - here are some cheeky pics from the shoot...enjoy!

Our base - Luna Doll vintage shop where we call all the clothes into, edit them down, and generally hang out! This room has become my 2nd home in the last couple of weeks...and no, I haven't tried on all the clothes - I've been very good and resisted!

The shoot - big lights, lots of wires and monitors - not quite the glamour you'd imagine!

Some of the shoes we called in. This selection (all apart from the pair front right) were from Office, and were my faves. I'm totally obsessed with the lace up wedges, and heeled Chelsea boots (front left, and back right respectively)...think I might have to treat myself for LFW!

My 3 year old very very battered biker boots, which despite all the amazing shoes we called-in very nearly made it into the video!! Sadly they were dumped for something slightly more glam in the end though...they're still sulking!

This is lovely Anna, Tamara's other assistant. She was rather taken with this satchel bag which belonged to Kevin Godley, the Direcor. Sadly he was very fond of it too, and wasn't up for sharing!

My last-minute emergency trip to Westfield for extra tights....because although we had about 50 pairs, typically we didn't have the one pair we needed!!!

Charlotte looking gorgeous, with Kevin Godley. By now it was past midnight, and we'd been working since about 9am, and yet Charlotte was still on top form - what a trooper!

Tamara Cincik: The amazing world of...

(A gorgeous pic of Tamara and her lovely husband...which I'm hoping she won't mind me pinching off her blog)!

If you're one of the many many people who have chastised me for not updating the blog over the last week - this one's for you!

You know when you wish for something…and then it happens…and then instead of 100% diving-in, living in the moment and enjoying it, you kinda end up having a weird out of body experience? Well that's kind of what’s been going on with me for the past week-and-a-bit...and I’m on a mission to snap out of it.

So - let's rewind and try and make some sense! About 3 weeks ago I contacted the amazing stylist Tamara Cincik (if you don't know her work check it out her website - she's styled for everyone and created some incredible images…I have serious CV envy!) after my darling soul mate/ guardian angel Flicky put us in touch. Anyway, amazingly Tamara said I could assist on some of her projects...and then the madness (meant in the best most wonderfully exciting possible way) began...

You see, being a really successful freelance stylist Tamara doesn’t have just one project on the go, but a myriad of projects…and obviously I want to be a part of all of them (because as we all know, my eyes are ever-so slightly larger than my stomach)!

So – that’s how in the last two weeks I’ve come to find myself…working out of a temporarily closed-down vintage store in Tufnell Park, sitting on a sofa gossiping with Charlotte Church, eating vegan food, calling in Louis Vuitton, Prada, Westwood and more, spending 17 hours solid in Park Royal, whizzing round town in a Peugeot listening to baroque music, and researching an article on British folklore…

...oh, and being very naughty and not updating my blog...sorry!!

Much love xxx

Friday, 13 August 2010

***Fab comp newsflash***

Ooh, I've just been told about a fabulous comp on the Top Tips website to win this scrummy Missoni clutch (worth over a £1000 may I add)! All you have to do is sign up (I just did, and hand-on-heart it takes 3 mins) and then answer a survey about whether or not you'd shag your boss! Simples! Anyway, thought as a Friday treat I'd share this info with quick though, it closes today!!

p.s. If any of you win you HAVE to share with me, obvs!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

So right for now...

Hello my international lovlies!
Random fact: In the past month people from 46 different countries have visited this very blog. Amazing, no? I find this totally astounding, and quite frankly rather humbling. It kinda makes me wish I was preaching peace, and not rambling about clothes. Anyway…

For those who have been keeping up with my comings and goings, ups and downs, thin days and fat days, you'll be happy (I hope) to hear that week 3 of freelancing is going swimmingly...bloody fantastically actually. I'm working with talented, inspiring people; I'm crazy busy; challenging and pushing myself....and have 3 breakfast meetings booked in (The Wolseley, Carluccios and Princi - yum yum and yummier) - what more could I ask for?! Having said that I am still missing aspects of Grazia life, especially all my darling friends. In my 3 years there I made friends with 10 times that many people, many of whom will be friends for life (yes, you can't escape me that easily I’m afraid – think flea on stray dog)! Another great thing about working at Grazia is that you pick up loads of funny sayings...

…which neatly brings us to the picture of moi above. This is my new favourite outfit. When it comes to clothes there’s little I like more than putting a new outfit together. Inspiration tends to come when I’m in bed, just before I go to sleep. I lay there and think about how I’m feeling and how I want to look; what I haven’t worn for a while, new ways to wear things and new combinations. I love it. I build them up bit by bit; what accessories will I need, how I should wear my hair, and even imagine how they will feel on. Then, when I wake up in the morning I’ll get a rush of excitement when I remember that I’m going to try out something new, that it’s not just going to be another sartorial groundhog day. Sometimes they don’t work out; I’ve remembered something inaccurately, something doesn’t fit, or it’s just too bonkers (even for me). Days like today are magic though – it’s like having a new skin, and I feel fantastic, because my outfit totally reflects my mood and portrays to the world exactly who and what I want to be.

I was given this skirt at least a year ago by some very good family friends of ours who live in Bombay (thank you Bharucha’s)! Maxi skirts weren’t ‘in’ at the time, but something about it caught my imagination. Mainly I love it because although it’s a floral maxi skirt (ie. prim) it’s totally see-through (i.e slutty), and therefore wonderfully subversive. I tried wearing it immediately, but it just wasn’t working and I looked like I should be begging on the underground (not exactly what I was aiming for). Then last night, just before I went to sleep it popped into my head, and as it did so did one of my favourite Grazia sayings, - It's just so right for now! And you know what – I really think as an outfit it is. Prim yet slutty, summery yet warm, revealing yet cosy…if you’re planning on seeing me in the next couple of weeks this is what I’ll be wearing…unless I get any more midnight inspiration that is….!

For those who are wondering....vest, Hennes; Blazer, Miss Selfridge; Boots, Gap; Bag, Chloe; Umbrellaellaella, Primark.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Uplifting tale: Bad weekend turned good

I don't think this will go down as one of my best weekends on was neither relaxing nor debauched (the two extremes which for me define a good weekend), but instead languished in that dull, depressing black hole of idle indifference in the middle…until I gave it a kick up the arse. This is what (didn't) happen...


Like any good/ bad weekend it all kicked off on Friday...when my laptop died. Just like that. There were no signs that it was ill, in fact I thought it had been rather happy of late, but then halfway through sending a very important email to Lucie at Toni&Guy re my next hair appointment - Ping....then nothing.....NOTHING!!! Now I wouldn't mind, but it's not even a bloody year old! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Urgh.
As I was busy, instead of getting on the phone to Dell (yes, it would be a bleeding Dell, so there are no shops and a call centre was my only option) I then logged on to the helplessly slow family computer to try and salvage the rest of the working day.
Despite actually managing to get some work done and a lovely dinner with my friend Kim I was haunted by the untimely demise of my little lappie, and that Friday feeling eluded me. Fail.


It's probably my own fault really. I had a massive lie-in (I was in mourning after all) and then fell victim to trailer-trash allure of shite Saturday morning tv, so it wasn’t until the (late) afternoon that I tried calling Dell’s helpline…which was helpfully closed on the weekend. Eventually I managed to track down a number which was running, and after 10 minutes of pressing buttons and entering codes I was basically told that the staff were on a fire drill (?!) and would be back shortly. They never came back. Till this very morning I’m still wondering if;
a. It was a cruel ‘Siam was the office Fire Warden’ joke
b. The Dell call centre actually burned to the ground taking all the call centre staff with it.
Either way I wasn’t impressed and was forced to console my aching heart with the Ally McBeal boxset and curry. Waste.


Determined not to fail or waste another day I gave myself a bit of a pep talk and started the day with a bowl of melon, what a winner! I then exceeded my own expectations by majorly getting my arse into gear, and saved my weekend!
a. I created a spreadsheet. It needed to be done and despite the painfully slow pc, and my hatred of all things excel-ish I did it. Proud.
b. I continued with the almost insurmountable tidy-up project I’m currently (avoiding) undertaking in order to make my room fit for habitation. I decided that as clothes are basically my main priority I should start with them…no small task. In short – I emptied and sorted through two double wardrobes, 6 drawers, hundreds of shoe boxes and bags upon piles upon heaps of clothes. There were times when I wondered why I’d started, and there were times when I wished I hadn’t, but as with all worthy projects, in the end I knew I’d done the right thing and slept with a happy heart and calm head.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Trench wars

I used to love a spot of arts and crafts when I was younger; I was forever creating bits of tat and palming it off on friends and family as presents - pen holders made of finished loo rolls, glittery pink friendship bracelets, and soap made of tissue (admittedly one of my stranger concepts). Then I grew up, earned some money, and started buying people actual nice things from actual shops instead, and my arts and craft days became a thing of the past...until now! Maybe it's because I'm freelancing and have much time and little money, but I was beyond excited when I heard that Comptoir des Cotonniers (that chic French brand with Zara before-they-got-really-over-priced prices) have launched a competition to customise your own trench coat. The comp is to celebrate their 15th birthday (and 15 years of their iconic trenches), and the winner wins a super-handy £850 to spend in-store (which would sort me out with a new wardrobe and a couple of non-hand-made pressies to boot)!

Now obviously with my prestigious arts background I'm probably going to win, but if you'd like to have a go 'just for the fun of it' check out the Comptoir des Cotonniers website for more details and the application form...and be quick, comp closes on 6th September! Happy creating!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Don't stop believing...

This boy was at a bbq I went to a couple of weeks ago, and all I could think was Sue Sylvester (below) - see?

Strangely this was the only pic I could find of Sue in a red Adidas. I wonder if random Adidas boy too likes to accessorise with a conical the comfort of his own home of course? Hhhmmmm...maybe I've had a little too much coffee today....

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Following the leader

Sorry for the late update - seem to have lost all perspective of time! Have decided that freelancing is very much like being on school holidays (especially when you're living back at home), and one day kind of blends into the next…

Anyway, this weekend I made the now long trek (boo hoo) East for Field Day...because all my friends were going and although I'm no longer a Dalstonite I couldn't bear to miss out on all the fun.

For those who know nothing of Field Day here are 5 things you need to know;

1. It's a one-day festival in Victoria Park, Hackney (East London for all you out-of-towners)

2. Apart from Coachella it's THE ONLY festival where it's acceptable to wear heels (not that I would, I mean you’re still in a field after all, but many did and I didn’t think they were total twats)

3. The music is all very up-and-coming in-the-know kinda stuff…last year the (basically unknown) XX played to just 500 people on one of the smaller stages (all kicking ourselves now, eh)! I have to admit I didn’t know anyone playing this year…but then music’s not really my thang…

4. Punters consist almost solely of 20-something East-London-residing creative types

5. It’s basically like London Fields on a Saturday, but with shit loos, live music, and you have to pay!

Monochrome was definitely the call of the day, and before the cider took hold I snapped some stylish ladies to share with you (and a couple of friends who'd kill me if they didn't get a shout out!)…

Grace rocking THE most genius sunglasses I've ever ever ever seen! Grace got hers in NYC, but I was SO desperate for them I did a spot of online stalking and managed to track this Kerin Rose pair down (very easily I have to say, thank you Google) at Browns. Literally can't put into words quite how much I want them, so am going to settle for very very much!
p.s. In case you're wondering what's stopping me, it's not the shame of being a style stalker, but the £250 price tag!

I still may not be brave enough to wear mine in public...yet, but how utterly gorgeous does Jennifer look in her cycling shorts. See, told you they were hot (on the right bod)!

Ready for a game of designer or high-street? This is the lovely Effie, and I'll give you 3 guesses as to where her sunnies are from....

...I'm serious, answer at the bottom of the page!

Lucy and Sophie, the monochrome twins! Sophie's stripy top was made by her friend, and has made me want to get back on that sewing machine!

Me and Kat Pat, aka. The Ginges with the fringes!

That pesky Brazilian bird again! RIP her sunnies which sadly didn't survive the afternoon....

Me, in my fave festival look 2010, of shorts and vest.
Shorts (size 16 so they're nice and big and comfy), H&M; snakeskin belt, LK Bennett; vest, H&M; pumps, my daddy's shop!; mustard shirt, Italian flea market - 1 Euro! (my new fave item in my wardrobe btw); wicker bag, Topshop; scarf, Temperley.

Answer = River Island! Whodda guessed it?