Sunday, 12 September 2010

My favourite songworm

As regular readers will know I've been working with Charlotte Church quite a bit recently, as Tamara's styling her for her re-launch. A couple of weeks ago we did her re-launch single - Back To Scratch - which was released on Friday. Yay! So, as promised here it is. Hope you like, and agree that she's looking super-hot right now! Due to the fancy camera work we were quite limited in what Charlotte could wear, so she ended up in a Tamara-customised Uniqlo men's tee and Toppers belt (which I think she's working hard)!

Mark (the dummer/ glock player) lucked out though. He's wearing a beautifully cut silk-lined suit jacket, made by a fantastic new company called MyTailoredSuit. I may be a teensy bit biased (as it's the brainchild of 4 great friends of mine), but if you're looking for a stunning bespoke tailored suit (without the Saville Row price tag) then look no further....and if you mention me you might even get a special Sisi G dissie!!


  1. Wow - I have to say that I wasn't a fan of the previous 'new' Charlotte, but I am liking this new look and sound a lot. Her first reincarnation seemed to be about proving to everyone that she wasn't a little girl anymore, but this seems to be coming from a place of life experience.

  2. Completely agree with Michelle here, I'm loving her new image, it finally seems as if she's just being herself and not trying to prove anything. Tamara's customised t-shirts look awesome, never would have known it was a men's t-shirt!

  3. Ah thank you - what lovely comments! I promise I'm not being paid to say this, but Charlotte is such a lovely girl, and SO down to earth. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform her album live the other night, and she blew me away - she's just such an incredible talent. She's written the whole album herself, and it's so personal and beautiful - she's just a pleasure to work with!