Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A White Channukah

Happy Channukah! It's still a bit early to know if we're going to have a white Christmas yet, but at least it's turned out to be a white Channukah (even if this really isn't the same at all, as there was never a song called White Channukah...). Anyway. This year Channukah's come early. So early in fact that no one in the Family G household realised it started tonight until I looked it up yesterday afternoon! With half a day to buy presents (and it's supposed to be 8 pressies each), and everyone working full time (ish in my case) presents were a bit on the sparse side tonight. When I say sparse I mean it....I was given an unwrapped Mars bar my Mum had squirrelled in a draw. Not exactly what I'd been hoping/wishing/ visualising for...still at least we have another 7 nights to get it right....fingers crossed!

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