Friday, 29 January 2010

Zambia here I come!

Yes girls and boys I’m off again, and this time to Africa! I’m not sure I’ll be able to update while I’m out there, but please check back in two weeks to see all about my African adventure….

Love and kisses,

Sisi G

p.s. And there I was thinking it was only Scots and Marc Jacobs who wore man-skits!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

5 reasons why I LOVE Angel Jackson

It’s not just because I’m kinda obsessed with their crazy, brilliant, pr manager Felicity, and think she might be my soulmate (although I am, and I do), but right now I just wanna blow my entire crappy measly salary on Angel Jackson….here are the 5 reasons why…

1. It’s a Young independent label. When I was younger (and far more naïve and idealistic) I vowed I’d only ever buy clothes from young up-and-coming designers. Then the British High Street got its act together and my money and morals went down the drain. Angel Jackson is that young independent label you’re always hoping to find though – i.e. one that’s actually good. And despite their success Katie and Millie (the sisters behind it all) have remained uncorrupted and stayed true to their dream. Arcadia group go suck on that (except Tosho which I love, eek)!

2. Their Jaguar bags. I have two, and apparently I’m not the only one with a thing for them. French Vogue have just called in a selection of the patent luxor totes, and Anna Trevelyan (aka Gaga’s stylist) loves them too…I’m in good company don’t you recks?

3. They’re Ethical! Yes yes, I know it’s very de jour at the moment, and believe me I don’t usually go in for all this eco/ charity bull, but, Katie and Millie have acheived what I was beginning to think was impossible and created a young, sexy, ethical fashion label that’s not shit, smug or preachy. Hallelujah!

4. Bumbags. I love them, and really am too excited that 2010 is the year of their triumphant return. Mark my words, by 2011 you’ll all be wondering how you ever lived without one (or 8). I can’t wait to start freeing my hands and shoulders and putting my hips to good use once more, and these beauts are top of my bumming list. Oooh yeah!

5. Felicity. Ok, I know I said it wasn’t about her, but what can I say – I warned you I was a little obsessed……

Monday, 25 January 2010

The Ugly Game

In case you hadn’t already guessed I’m not really into my football (gasp) – in fact I’m missing the whole competitive sport gene in general (although thankfully not the competitive gene per se). Not only do I not get the obsession with “The Beautiful Game”, but as far as I’m concerned the dress sense of your average fan leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve never been into herd mentality dressing, so the thought of turning up to an event wearing the same thing (let alone a polyester t-shirt with someone else’s name emblazoned on the back) as a few thousand other people has never really appealed to me. I therefore had to laugh when I received the following email today;

Dear Si,

I hope this finds you well.

I wanted to let you know about a collection of limited edition product Grosvenor Shirts have created with FIFA / Global Brands for the 2010 World Cup™ as I thought it would be of interest to for any relevant World Cup features, news round ups, product round up you may be working on….

Erm, no. Never. Not in a million years. Please see said shirts below….

…..speechless? Yes, so was I. Thankfully I’ve now regained my composure, and can whole-heartedly say that these are truly THE most disturbing garments I’ve seen in while. I’m at a total loss as to the circumstances in which you’d think – Hhhmmm, I need to dress smartly, but still want to express my total love and devotion to my national football team. Ha, I know my £200 (YES - £200!) white, premium, 2 fold Royal Twill limited editition2010 World Cup™ shirt should do the trick...I’m sorry, but there’s just no need for them…in fact, I’ll give a prize to anyone who can give me a legitimate fashion related reason for their fact, i'll buy you one myself!
And there I was naively thinking the football shirt couldn’t slip further down the barometer of good taste. We live and learn.

Friday, 22 January 2010

It’s fash-(p)orn!

Wow – Men’s fashion is really leading the way right now. Yesterday I brought you the new Tom Ford campaign starring the delectable Nicholas Hoult, and tonight I bring you Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing - the hot-off-the-press YSL Fall/ Winter 2010 -11 short film directed by iconic fashion photographer Bruce Weber (of those Calvin Klein ads fame). With willies, boobs and soul music you could be mistaken for thinking you’d stumbled upon an artsy blue movie, but this is something far more special. The boys are young and be-u-ti-ful; the girls are from the ‘60’s (via footage of photographer and former pin-up girl Bunny Yeager); the music is Marvin Gaye, and most importantly the clothes (which are admittedly somewhat sparse) are new season YSL! So sit back, pour yourself and glass of wine and enjoy 7.34 minutes of pure fash-(p)orn.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Tom Phwoard!

Today is a good day for fashion. The BAFTA nominations have been announced (oh yes my lovelies, only a month to wait for more A-list red carpet frolics), and Coco before Chanel and Tom Ford’s directional debut A Single Man have 7 nominations between them (both are obvs up for best Costume Design).

Coco before Chanel was fantastic (if you haven't yet seen it do....don't tackle the book though, it's a bore!), but it’s A Single Man’s impending release which has really got my fashion juices flowing (check out the trailer if you haven't already). Set in the 1960’s the film has been described as being visually like one Italian Vogue editorial after another (shiver down spine). Not only is it directed by Ford – i.e. THE most stylish man currently walking the earth, but the sets are by the team behind Mad Men – i.e. THE most stylish programme on TV. All in all it is a visual feast....a study in perfectionism and beauty...a veritable style-fest! As well as Costume Design A Single man is also up for Best Actor for Colin Firth, and Rising Star for Nicholas Hoult. Tom Ford definitely seems to agree with the latter as he’s cast Nicholas as the Face of his Spring/ Summer 2010 campaign – a great gig for a boy who’s best known for his roles in About a boy and Skins, eh! Not that I’m complaining; as usual the ads are oozing with that very special brand of Tom Ford style and sex which just makes you, well, lust – whether it be for his latest sunglasses, suit, fragrance, or, erm, Face. Ooh, I’ve just come over all Sam Taylor-Wood...

Monday, 18 January 2010

Great Globes of Golden!

So, the awards season’s here – hoorah – for tis no better time to mock the rich and famous than this. Last night Hollywood’s great and good trotted down the red carpet for the Golden Globes, dolled up to the nines – or even tens in some very special cases. So f the awards (they’re all a fix anyway, no?), let’s get down to the nitty gritty of who we still love and shall try to imitate at every given opportunity from now on, and who we’ve lost all respect for and will never pay to see in a movie again.

I’ll start with the bad because let’s be honest, it’s more fun. I’ve split them into the following groups – Fallen fashion icons; I think your stylist hates you, and, Eek you’ve been in Hollywood too long.

Fallen fashion icons
I’m sad to say that two of my favourite ladies are in this category. Chloe Sevigny and Diane Kruger are usually known for their brave and exciting fashion choices, but last night I’m afraid they both missed the mark.

Like most fashionistas I’m usually a great advocate of Chloe ‘how the hell do you pronounce her surname’ Sevigny, but last night she looked like an ornamental napkin in a hideous Valentino number. No no no!

Diane Kruger lost her usual sultry spark in this Christian Lacroix Barbie doll special. Maybe it’s just me, but it looks like something I dreamt up when I was 5, and I just don’t think it does her justice. She does however win the prize for best arm-candy – HOW HOT has Joshua Jackson got. In fact, I take it all back – Diane, good work!

I think your stylist hates you…

I almost can’t look at Halle Berry in this dress. I feel like I can see pubes or something (now, how often have you seen the word pube used on a fashion blog, eh)?! There’s something not right here though. I mean, this Kaufman Franco concoction is not a respectable red carpet dress lady – what were you thinking?

Kate Hudson, I see you’ve inherited your mothers questionable dress sense. Please tell me how you end up walking down the red carpet at the Golden globes dressed as a slutty bride. Pray tell…. Marchesa (for the dress), and Casadei (for the shoes) – you should be ashamed!

“Oi Maz I can see your slip poking out from the split in your dress”
“Yeah, Pen. Well at least I don’t look like I’ve come dressed as Spanish loo roll holder”
Ok – well apart from the visible slip I do actually like Marion Cotillard’s Christian Dior number. I just can’t get down with Penelope Cruz in this Giorgio Armani Privé dress. It’s just too much.

Sandra Bullock. Another woman in a dress which looks like it was designed by a 5 year old (it is in fact Bottega Venetta – gasp)! And it looks itchy to boot. What a load of Bullocks!

Eek, you’ve been in Hollywood too long

Paul (you can’t make me call you Sir) McCartney – what a chump. I mean, come on mate, you’re 68 for gods sake – get a grip! Congrats on ruining a perfectly good suite with a ridiculous scarf. Strange shoes too – they look a bit like slip ons – eeeww!

Terrifying. There’s no other word for it. Just how the hell did Christina Aguilera come to be posing with Cher at the Golden Globes….in fact, on second thoughts I don’t think I want to know. In the words of my good friend Caroline, “eh, it looks like Cristina has one tit in and one tit out” – yes Caroline, it sure does. Cher on the other hand seems to have slipped further into the Morticia Addams/ Cruella DeVille black hole of nightmare dressing.
The Good
And over to the other side we go – to the good, beautiful, stylish, elegant dresses and suits which we’d wear if ever a. invited anywhere quite glamorous, and b. we had the money/ were important enough to be leant it.

This lot have been split into the following sub-groups –A bit boring but gorgeous nonetheless and Interesting and elegant – top fashion points. There are only two groups as sadly, there were far fewer well dressed celebs last night (I’m hoping they’re saving the big guns for the Oscars)!

A bit boring but gorgeous nonetheless

Ok, so she’s not exactly pushing the fashion limits, and is in yet another safe black dress, but flipping ‘ell – how hot does Jennifer Aniston look in this Valentino number (and certainly much better than old Chloe thingy in hers)!

Admittedly I’m not really sure who she is, but Olivia Wilde (above) looked stunning in this Gucci dress. So maybe it’s a bit tight and predictable, but it fits well and is very sparkly, and basically a total red carpet dream, so I’m in.

Gerard Butler in a Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo. Enough said.
Interesting and elegant – top fashion points

I’m not usually a fan, but it’s hard to deny that Maggie Gylenhall looked elegant and modern in this RM by Roland Mouret “Sirens” mermaid gown. I love the subtlety of the pleats and the colour The one downside is that it looks impossible to walk in, but as we all know practicality is totally irrelevant when it comes to fashion, so who cares?

Oh Drew, I do love you. I think Drew Barrymore’s one of Hollywood’s few originals, and of late I think she’s been looking rather lovely. Love the nude colour and crazy hip embellishment on this Atelier Versace champagne silk gown – simple hair, red lips – gor-ge-ous!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Very very Vice

I’m totally addicted to Vice magazine. I can’t wait for my issue to arrive each month (except when it’s the boring literature issue - bleurgh), and then rush home from work, jump into bed and devour the whole thing in one sordid evening. Their fashion shoots usually feature more nipples than actual clothes though, but I found this one on their website and couldn’t stop looking, and then thinking about it. I have a real thing for men in Polo Ralph Lauren (it’s got this whole preppy, cheeky, naughty vibe going on – yum), so an original lo-life shoot is proper fashion porn for me. It’s so rare to have a fashion shoot with an interview and story accompanying it, but in this case the history and culture is so interesting and crucial. All in all a fascinating fashion story….and not a nipple in sight!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


So, I went awol again. What can I say – I’m a busy girl. As ever, I have an excuse - this time I’ve been gallivanting around Switzerland (via Gatwick and Heathrow in one hellish day) with my darling Mother. We were skiing – although what with the recent weather the trip to mainland Europe was frustratingly superfluous. Neither of us had skied before, and once we’d recovered from the humiliation of spending two days in the under-fives winter wonderland we had a fantastic trip. As with Rome I’ve created a picture diary of the trip. Introducing Après-ski-me!

I got bored waiting for the cab to the airport so decided to turn the contents of my hand luggage into a gift guide on the kitchen table. I always carry my jewellery in my hand luggage, because if my case went missing it’s the thing I’d be most sad to loose. Si without the bling is like Dolce without the Gabbanna.

With 6 hours to kill at Heathrow the only thing to do was eat and shop. Mum fell in love with these tortoise shell Chanel sunnies. Sadly at £263 they weren’t a snip so she left empty handed. Oh Chanel – why do you torture us so….

Continuing my too-poor-to-afford-Chanel theme, here I am modelling my cheap-yet-chic Chanel alternative earmuffs (which were an absolute bargain at £12 from ? in Covent Garden), so there Mr Largerfeld!

I decided my Perspex Vivienne Westwood pendant (which I snapped up for virtually nothing at a sample sale last year) was perfect Après-ski fodder. How fantastically it lifts my otherwise all black attire, not to mention compliments my hot chocolate with double Amaretto and cream (the ideal post-slope beverage FYI).

This being my first time on the slopes, and with most of the shops in the resort being ski-centric, I managed not to blow monthly food allowance on clothes. I did however develop a small crush on these gloves (189 CH, by Roekl), and Helmet (498 CH, by Indigo). If I didn’t spend most of my time on the slopes surrounded by toddlers, and on my back, knees or bum, this is what I’d be wearing to show off in.

From the sophisticated slopes of Switzerland to the ghastly gates of Gatwick. You say mean, I say national service. Whoever you are I hope you’re reading this. There is nothing right about this ensemble. Burn it all and start again. Now. Please.
For the rest of you this is how NOT to do the following trends; stone washed denim, ankle boots, sheepskin jackets, colour clashing, checked shirts, layering. See – learning from others mistakes can be fun.