Wednesday, 30 June 2010

What to wear on Worthy Farm

Fear not fashion friends – I know I’ve been away for a few days (hopefully some of you followed my adventures on twitter - MissSisiG) – but I’ve made it back from Glastonbury 2010 in one-ish piece. It’s taken 3 days, but finally I’m feeling fully conscious again – phew! I’ve also spent the past 3 days sulking like a petulant teenager because I couldn’t stay on Sunday to watch Stevie Wonder. Just to opening bars of ‘I just called to say I love you’, send me into a fuming foul-mouthed rage…

Anyway, that aside it was a fine, sunny Glasto. I spent most my time loitering in the hospitality area, not recognising people, and moaning about how badly dressed everyone was! Yes, I said it. This was the worst year for festival fashion I’ve ever known. There was no fantastic cohesive look this year, which is fine, but I’m afraid most people’s efforts seemed minimal, and the result was a field of average to appallingly dressed sunburnt drunks. Nice. Luckily for you dear reader I traipsed round cider in one hand, camera in other, and hunted down Worthy Farm’s finest – so feast ya eyes on this lot!

This is Tabitha. You may recognise her (I didn’t. Well, In fact I did – I just thought it was because I knew her or something). She’s actually one half of indie/ disco DJ duo the Queens of Noize. I’m however the Queen of the Numpty’s after bounding up to her and asking her name about 50 times, despite the fact I should have probably have recognised her…but worse than that, because she was wearing it on her necklace round her neck. Massive DUH!
Anyway, I think she looks beyond HOT. I’d kill to be this blonde/ thin/ sexy, and just love her sense of style. It’s so laid-back yet totally together. Simple, yet intricate. Remember this face - she’s a cool chick!

Hayley borrowed this rather sexy playsuit from…wait for this…her Mother-in-law! Can you imagine! Just the thought of having a Mother-in-law that cool sends me into a frenzy! This could have looked totally OTT slut-bag, but the fact she paired it with these plain pumps and cute peachy tailored jacket really takes it down a notch. We like the way you work it lady…If I were you I’d be getting this baby ‘dry-cleaned’ for the next year of so, wink wink!

I basically had to bully Alice into having her picture taken. For a split second I knew what it was to be a pap hot on Britters tail desperate for that million-dolar shot – I tasted blood, and wanted my prize! Anyway, I hope you can see why I was so desperate; soft-soft pink chiffon maxi dress, string of pearls, blonde hair, and then out of nowhere geeky thick-black-rimmed glasses, and all topped of with bare feet! Lovely Alice totally has the whole ethereal midnight naughty pixie princess thing down to a tee.

Such a great look for now. For me Steph hit the 2010 fashion nail on the head with this. Any other year wearing a pair of harem pants would have immediately singled you out as one of the 'Stone circle' brigade. This year however it means you're fashion savy and probably have a great stomach! Steph ticks both boxes, and the fact she's teamed her h&m harems with a teeny tiny top and MASSIVE gold hoops, means I have serious style envy!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Wellies, check! Sunnies, check! Hand sanitizer, check! Glasto here I come!

Woohoo! No better feeling than heading of to Glasto, I swear. Am getting driven up, so have worn a maxi dress for ultimate car comfort....and as I'm heading to a festival have accessorised with my fave festival bumbag! This year I pimped it with some Vivienne Westwood badges....well why the hell not I thought! Ok, so have a suitcase, backpack, MJ bag, and canvas bag...enough luggage for the weekend???? As I'm working am staying in a b&b - mucho luxurious....anyway, my cars here to take me to Shoreditch house to meet my lift...stay tuned for much gossip and festival fashion fun....catch me tweeting as MissSisiG - please follow - promise I'll have all the scoops first this weekend!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

My favourite Vice

Am back from the ViceStyle launch party, and unexpectedly sober enough to blog! What can I say - it was hot, sexy, and debauched....everything you'd expect from Vice really. For those who don't know I have a bit of a Vice obsession/ addiction....maybe it's just because I'm a total scaredy cat and have to live my hedonistic life through their pages, or maybe it's just because they make me laugh - always the best way to seduce me.

The party was sponsored by Reebok, and kicked off at their snazzy store on Great Eastern st. Amy W turned up to bag her free pair, and seemed on good form. Unfortunately I got a bit of a mouthful from her later....THE SHAME! Kinda feel like it was a right of passage though....does that mean I'm a proper journo now???? How tiny is she though - crazy!! Reckon if she'd have really kicked of I could have taken her!!

My far too beautiful best friend Clara who was my plus wonder I'm single when I hang out with her!

Vice Style's Editor Daryoush who was very proud of his T-shirt! Kinda stalked him a bit tonight...can't decide what's more embarrassing - stalking someone at a party or being abused by Winehouse in front of the loo queue....hhmmmm, food for thought indeed!

Swings. Yes, there were swings hanging from the ceiling. Mental. This WAS NOT like the swing at The Sanctuary day spa. This was kamikaze swinging. Only Vice would ignore all health and safety implications and think that swings in a busy, confined, poorly lit space with people under influences in precarious heels would be a good idea...and that, in short, is why I LOVE THEM!

Viva La Vice (in all it's forms) 4eva!

Glasto Glasto here I come!

Last night was hell. I had to pack for Glasto (where I'm working, although sure I'll squeeze a little play in!), as I'm out tonight at the ViceStyle party (yay!), and will no doubt have a massive hangover and be incapable of spelling my name in the morning.

When I was younger and my parents were packing to go on holiday I used to throw massive tantrums because I wanted to join in and have my say (yes – looking back I was horrendous child diva). I just didn't understand why they were being so mean and not letting me join in the fun...oh how times have changed!

The main problem (in the words of many an ex-boyf) is that I just have SO MUCH STUFF. Add to that the fact that I'm chronically indecisive, and the whole thing just turns into a monumental Lord of the Rings epic style saga.

So, last night, I decided to add a new twist/ just a tad more pressure to proceedings by chronicling my living hell (as well as my Glasto buys and looks) for you. Really hop you like.....oh, and wish me luck!

My to-do, or should I say to-pack list. Believe it or not I'm actually quite organised most of the time (although not last Tuesday when I had my knickers inside out and left my house keys in my bedroom door)!

The obligatory Hunters. Can't imagine stepping into a muddy field without them. These are my much -loved festival edition pair. I like that fact they're short as I'm rather chunk-of-calf, so they stop at a v flattering place for me.

Somewhere under all this is my bed. I like to put things I have to do/ pack on my bed, as I need to get them off before going to sleep, so will HAVE to pack/ do them. You see? Method in the madness innit!

I swore I wouldn't buy anything specifically for Glasto this year....and then I saw this baby, and new I couldn't go without it. It was a total bargain, as a. it's only £19! Yes, you saw right ONE NINE! And b. It's day-glo which means I won't get lost, which means it's basically a safety item, so bargain!

And then....I saw this! It's a purse on a strap! How handy, and only £9! HAD.TO.HAVE.

So hat options. I always think it's good to have a beanie in your bag, because come sunset it can get a bit chilly, and you loose most heat from your head, and also by the end of the day my hair looks like Russell Brand's after a week on the town, so it's good to hide it! Perfect example of having TOO MUCH STUFF though - honestly can't decide which to take. Giant Hennes beanie, old beanie I knicked off me dad, or River Island lace veil please!

Look 1: Maxi dress, Zambia. Visor, Ebay. Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Have never done a maxi at a festival before, but it's cut just above ankle, and the weather's meant to be amazing this weekend, so reckon it's worth a shot. Also - really easy to go to the loo, and can also easily layer with tights/ leggings underneath. Perf!

Look 2: Vest, Hennes: Body, Primark. Headscarf, my mum got me from a charity shop. 3 necklaces, old house-mate Julia, my aunty with Juicy Couture rings on, colleague's desk! Whistle, Notting hill carnival back in the day. I love this look - I'll probs wear it with leggings. It's just so easy to wear. A bit TMI, but I'm not planning to do the body up, he he!

Look 3: Shorts, Hennes. Vest, Hennes. Necklace, loser table at work! I LOVE my boyfriend shorts. I got them to go to Zambia, and they're so comfy and flattering I could just live in them.

My amazing waistcoat! I brought this at a vintage stall at Glasto last year for £15 and I LOVE IT. I'm not sure when I'll wear it (maybe with shorts), but I just have to take it with - it just epitomises that festival spirit.

Finally, my beauty goodies which were kindly sent to me by my friend at Aveda. I'm SOOOOOOO grateful - just looking at them feels me with little bit of festival luxury!

Organic living

Bad bad Si. This time last week I whetted many an appetite by mentioning I was off for a lovely Riverford Organic dinner in a Yurt. I promised food porn and then got shy; apologies. As you’d expect from the Kings of Organic, the meal and the company were both delightful. I was (I'm thinking mistakenly) sat next to Guy Watson, Riverford's founder, who was lovely and totally un-worthy (thank the lord), and also caught a brief chat with their head chef Jane Baxter, who I'm very tempted to try and spend a lost weekend eating and drinking with! Anywhere, here it is - lots of pictures of lovely things – enjoy!

Oh – and for those who are still a little confused – a Yurt is a lovely big very posh tent!

The Yurt was housed on Freightliners City Farm in Islington - definitely the strangest dinner venue I've been to in a while. really was an actual farm....with, like, animals and shit (literally)! It was all very Darling buds of May.

Ta-da - The Yurt! See, all very fact set me up a camper bed in the corner, and I'd call it home!

Lovely organic veg box centrepiece...which I later moved to the floor behind me so I could fully attack the food....and then later stepped on...and...made a really bad joke about 'making pesto'....yeah...cringe!

My plus 1. I thought it would be in-keeping with the whole organic English-countryside vibe, and it totally was - joy! It's one of my all time favourite bags; it was a gift from my Editor, and came from Koh Samui (as in the boutique in Covent Garden which sadly became a victim of the recession, not the Thai party Island)., this Yurt is a travelling Yurt...which means if you don't live in London it may soon be pitched in a field/ farm/ park near you! Check out the Riverford website for more details…trust me, you want to!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Something to be proud of....?

Little confused? Well then you clearly don't read my blog enough!! Brownie points for those who've spotted it....good old Mossy is wearing my snakeskin Loubs! Time was when I'd have been all of a flutter about I'm just not sure how I feel...quite possibly a little ashamed and dirty though!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Introducing the I’m fabulous whatever size, life’s too short, and who gives a fuck anyway diet

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I’d had a croissant for breakfast every day (as in a different croissant each day…not the same one, thankfully times aren’t that bad quite yet)! Anyway, that was all part of my new I’m fabulous whatever size, life’s too short, and who gives a fuck anyway diet. I’m now happy to announce that last week I really hit my stride with this, and branched out from the croissant breakfast into…

Hermes-zing home-made flapjacks (or Flickyjacks as I’m calling them, as they were crafted by my soulmate Felicity Carter aka. Angel Jackson pr extraordinaire)!
They came in two heavenly flavours – ginger and my personal fave, chocolate and orange. I enjoyed them for breakfast for 3 consecutive days...what a lush!

Cupcakes part 1.
The first delivery came courtesy of the lovely ladies at Selfridges. They were from Lola’s (who are edging in to poll position as my absolute fave cupcakers in London). It took me approximately 5 seconds to make my choice…the red velvet had my lips all over it! For those wondering I can confirm it was utterly divine… fact it was beyond devine, for the 2 ½ minutes it took me to polish it off I was floating somewhere above my desk in cake nirvana.

Cupcakes part 2.
Hardly 24 hours later the courier room emailed to say I had yet more cakey delights awaiting. Thank you fabulous Harvey Nic’s for sending over your deeeelish goodies. The cupcakes were by Pudding Cook from the HN foodhall, and came in sticky toffee pudding and prune icing, Belgium dark and white chocolate with chocolate brownie pieces, Gingerbread and orange, Lemon and raspberry ripple, Chocolate dipped strawberry and Vanilla and marshmallow. Well, in all my cupcaking days I’ve never seen such finger-licking combinations, so, for you, my dear reader, I tried 3 of them! Now, I don’t like to play favourites, BUT, the sticky toffee pudding one had a gooey centre….so obvs that was my fave!

He-larious Harvey Nic's card...titter titter!

Krispy Kreme's
This week, I’m adding donuts to my impressive ‘no longer giving a fuck cos calorie counting’s shit innit’ repertoire. We all know that when it comes to the fried nut of dough there’s only one name you need to know about, so thank you Krispy Kreme for sustaining my ill-advised dessert-based-diet by sending me not one, but TWO boxes of your very finest. You’ll be happy to hear I enjoyed a classic glazed with a lemon meringue pie chaser - YUM!

To conclude (for those wishing to join my cakey revolution)….
Baked goods = good (it’s all in the name – duh)
Calorie counting = bad (maths is shit, ergo so is calorie counting – you see?)

I’m off for dinner in a Yurt tonight (don’t ask….I don’t even know what a Yurt is)!! So stay tuned for more foodie fun!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Go East....

Tonight I was lucky enough to bag myself the hottest (or coldest as it turned out) ticket in town. When I first heard about the Studio East/ Bistrotheque dinner I was desperate to get in, and when, at 5.45 the amazing Melanie Rickey managed to get me on the list (thank you a mill Mel) I could hardly re-tie my topknot and slap on another layer or mascara quick enough…

The low-down…
Studio East is ‘a cultural initiative to identify and support emerging talent’ launched by Westfield Stratford East i.e. East London's soon-to-be brand spanking new retail nirvana on the Olympic site. A committee of 8 cultural bigwigs (from Erin O’Connor to Tom Dixon) chaired by Mary Portas, have been scrapping it out for over a year to choose their respective mini-me’s in the categories of Fashion, Art, Product design and Environment.

The party…
Was fabulous, if a tad cold (London in June + being on a roof + a temporary structure + only 3 heaters = Roksanda in her husbands coat and the rest of us with icicle fingers). In fact, I was so cold that at one point I seriously tried to figure out how I could insulate myself with one of the giant plastic curtains (seen above)...answer was I couldn't, but the fact is the desperation was there! On the plus side I think I managed to drop a stone shivering. Ace! Apart from the chill it was a party to remember for all the right reasons. Guests were whisked by train from the Champagne bar in St. Pancras to the Westfield Stratford East building site. We were then ushered onto the roof Big Brother/ 24 stylee, and then wined and dined in plush make-shift surroundings with the rest of London’s most fabulous and influential people (Tracey Emin, Roland Mouret, Roksanda Illincic, Mary Portas, Mandi Lennard, Brix Smith-Start…the list goes on).

The food and drink…
Were amazing. Patron cocktails (I never thought I’d drink Tequila in a civilised setting), and coffee flavoured Patron over vanilla ice cream (aka. dessert heaven), rocked my world, whilst the roast beef and horseradish made me wish I was all alone so I could scoff uninhibited by beautiful people and polite company.

Massive congratulations…
To the incredibly talented Julian J Smith, who won the fashion prize (seen here celebrating in admirable style). I had the pleasure/ luck of sitting next to him at dinner, and can honestly hand-on-heart no-word-of-a-lie say that he is the most lovely, down to earth, friendly bundle of joy and modesty you could ever wish to meet; his win filled the whole roof with delight! Julian will now be designing the uniform for the Westfield Stratford staff…forget going freelance, I’m gonna get me a job there!!!

Anyway - I've had one to many nightcaps this evening, been on one too many modes of transport, and have been blogging for, um, well, far longer than you'd think by the quality of this to bed before I'm late for work a-gain!!!

TTFN xxx

Friday, 11 June 2010

Jewels of my eyes

So, as any of you who follow me on twitter will know (MissSisiG for those who don’t yet), last night I enjoyed my first Pimms of the summer at Treasure exhibition as part of London Jewellery week. I had that Thursday feeling (ya know, the opp. of that Friday one) so nearly didn’t go...but by golly I’m happy I did. As you all should know by now bling is my thing, and to use a much over-used cliché (which in itself is probably one!) I was like a kid in a candy shop. There was just so much beauty, aspiration, creativity and general fabulousness all in one room – it was so up-lifting and inspirational. There’s still a chance to go down and take a look for yourself, but for those of you in far-off lands…and those in London who are too lazy to get the bus into town – here’s my lowdown of the Top ten designers to watch and spend your pennies with!

Amanda Brighton
This Anglo-Tibetan jeweller makes uber-luxe fine jewellery with a playful, almost gaudy edge. I just LOVE this Dolce Vita Onyx ring with amethyst and pink sapphires set in 18k gold. Me me me!

Sarah HK Park
Slightly strange, almost aquatic creations predominantly made from gold plated silver and glass – so prices are much lower than you’d expect (although she also does commissions in which case you can choose more expensive materials). Really good for birthday presents me thinks!

Sarah Herriot Design
Really strong architectural pieces – perfect for making a bold statement. I particularly love this 18ct gold Manhattan egg ring half twist. I think it’s entrancing, and has a wonderful sense of movement. Beautiful.

Rebecca Steiner
Really neat, precise, delicate fine jewellery, such as this very very pretty 18 carat gold necklace with a basket of pearls, £650. Yummy!

Jessica de Lotz
Looking for something more than a little different….maybe even slightly crazy? Then look no further than Jessica de Lotz – one girl with one crazy imagination and vision. From blinking eye cocktail rings with black diamond eyes, to apple core necklaces, it’s more of an experience than a piece of jewellery!

Elinor Voytal
Elinor is a trained textile designer, and creates beautiful Missoni-esque fine knits which she brings together with hard metals and crystals to create beautiful, original pieces. No idea's original, but Elinor’s work is about as close as it gets!

Yumeko Yamada
Really strong sculptural pieces, beautifully made. I tried on this pearl ring, and can honestly say it was the most comfortable ring I’ve ever worn (and believe me, these here fingers have tried a few)!

Ye Ji Kim
Ye Ji’s pieces are quite reminiscent of Alexis Bittar’s work – but I think that’s a good thing as I’m a massive Bittar fan. Her pieces are quite aggressive, but I think they’d be easy to wear everyday, and also to incorporate with other pieces of jewellery. Can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!

Joanna Dahdah
Like many of the exhibitors Joanna is a recent Central St Martins graduate, and this, unbelievably is her debut collection, inspired by Gustav Klimt’s paintings; definitely someone I’ll be keeping an eye on!

Jayce Wong
Did you know that 1/3 of diamonds and top coloured rubies are naturally fluorescent? No, me neither! Well they are, and these are the precious stones Jayce Wong works with to create her incredible ‘glowing’ pieces. She’s already stocked at Kabiri, so check her out! I’m totally mesmerised by this Spiral ring, £ thinking it would make a brilliant and different engagement ring – no?

Best of the rest

Forget up-lights, down-lights and spotlights – when it comes to impressive lighting look no further than Penelope Batley’s Big Bling Necklace Light - A-MA-ZING! Mr T, eat your heart out!

Finally a MASSIVE congratulations to the lovely girls at the Gaudion Bowerbank boutique who won the ‘designer of the year award’ last night. Their wonderful online boutique is home to a handful of brilliant jewellery designers including New Yorker Heather Kosch, who mainly works with exotic woods. Check. Them. Out – that’s an order!

Signing off for now.

Sisi G xx

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Oui oui Paradis!

Only a short snappy post tonight as I’m beyond tired. Just saw new French romcom Heartbreaker (which is embargoed, which is a shame as I would have said it’s brill go see), and have come out with a simply MASSIVE girl crush obsession with Vanessa Paradis (yes, I know, like 10 million years later!). She’s just imperfect perfection…in fact, as I type this I am desperately trying to saw a Paradis-alike gap between my front teeth with a blunt emery board. No joke.

To console myself, and all you other 'Paradites' out there, I’ve unearthed this totally awful cringe inducing youtube clip of the 14 year old ‘Nessa singing a song about a taxi driver called Joe. Unfortunately she still has the same vomit-inducing body, but hey the song's crap! Wow – feeling less self-loathsome already!

Off to have sweet Paradis/ Depp / me in a hot-tub dreams.


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Confessions of a former cycling shorts connoisseur

After weeks of mercilessly slagging cycling shorts and their wearers off, I’m……well……let’s just say considering a change of heart and mind. You see, truth be known in my younger years I was a rather fervent cycling shorts wearer. From neon lycra to grey cotton; on their own or under skirts and denim shorts – I wore my vast collection of cycling shorts frequently and with pride. Then I got older, grew some hips…oh, and the ‘90’s ended, and with the rest of the civilised world my cycling shorts were sent to the back of my cupboard of fashion regrets and shame.

However this weekend after not one, but two positive encounters with cycling shorts (see images below), and one rather frustrating encounter with a vest (too short as dress, but too long/ loose to wear with denim shorts or a skirt) I’m seriously considering rehabilitating them.

Random girl
On Friday night, inbetween drowning sorrows in vodka, and stalking Anne Hathaway, I spotted this girl – my first real life cycling shorts sighting. I liked.

My friend Zoe
Then on Saturday night my good friend Zoe text me to say she was wearing a pair! I obvs insisted on a pic, and her boyf promptly whizzed this over. Good work Zo – top fash points I say! Also like her reasoning - surely cycling shorts are just summer leggings? Good point well made, no?

Inspiration (aka. Totally out of my crappy budget!)

Louis Vuitton
Yes, I know I slated these/ the image of me in them the other day, but hell to it – I want them, I’d rock them, and what’s more I’d get a massive blonde afro to match, so there!

What can you say, I mean Karl has even managed to make cycling shorts look chic and stylish – nothing compares….

Options (more in my current budget - sob wail)

Comfortable, practical, and simple; I’m thinking these might be a good first step back on the cycling short ladder…..or are they just a really boring cop-out?

Costume Dept, ASOS
So you have to imagine that you’ll only really be seeing the bottoms of them….obviously no crouch exposure in these (as it would be full exposure, and I’m not crazy/ stupid/ Britters)….

Friends, family, strangers and people who clicked onto the blog by mistake - all help/ opinions/ advice kindly received…..Danke xxx