Friday, 3 December 2010

Karen Millen - leave your preconceptions at the door

Now I can't lie - I haven't always been Karen Millen's biggest fan. I know it's a horribly fashion-snob-bitch thing to say, but it's always carried certain connotations for me (middle aged HR managers from Peterborough out on the raz to be precise), so I have to admit to never paying it much attention. Then a couple of months ago I popped in to their press office to do a pull for a job, and to my surprise I came out with more than one piece...and more shockingly my very own Karen Millen wish list. You see the showroom wasn't just a collection of knee length satin dresses as I'd (rather small-mindedly) expected. Yes they still had lots of easy-to-wear-pretty-but-not-life-changing party/ special event type dresses, but they also had some surprisingly pitch-perfect and of the moment glam rock-goth pieces. It just shows you - it never does to get too complacent when it comes to the British high street.

So that said, here are my 4 fave Karen Millen pieces right now - let me know if you love them too!

Who doesn't own a biker jacket nowadays? If you're that one person, then I'd seriously consider investing in this badboy. At £399 it's not cheap, but with it's hardcore shoulder studs and dainty buttons it really stands out from the crowd, and will earn you some serious fashion points.

You'd never guess, but I love a sequin skirt I do, and this one really is something special. The layers and silver bead embellishment give it a cheeky gladiator feel, which really distinguishes its high street rivals. Yes £135 is a bit of an investment, but it's ridiculously versatile - wear it with a rock tee in the day for that edgy-cool LA look, or a bit of lace at night for the full-on goth goddess look. Love, want, need.

Skinny double belts are the fashion crowds secret weapon (don't believe me - then pay a visit to the Satorialist - they're all at it). Tan and black leather with glistening black studs, this belt is incredibly chic, and at £49.95 I reckon it's a total bargain.

I don't usually like small bags (travelling light isn't one of my many talents), but for this hard case clutch embellished with matt black sequins and silver beads (£99), I'd be willing to make an exception.


  1. At the risk of being abit OTT, I'd wear all of that as one outfit. The scalloped skirt is hot and I'm loving the doubling/tripling of skinny belts at the moment!

    Amelia x

  2. You're talking to wrong person here for OTT management! I'd be inclined to join you there - as Tamara Cincik always says, more is more! x