Thursday, 29 April 2010

She's alright, and she's ok....

The lovely people at BT invited me to join them in their very luxurious box at the O2 to see Whitney Houston the other night – what a treat. Now, I’ve never been a massive Whitney fan. There are songs of hers which I love (no prizes for guessing which ones), but I don’t know all the album tracks or anything like that. To be honest I wouldn’t have even paid to go and see her, but when offered I couldn’t resist – I mean it’s Whitney man!

I somehow managed to wangle a plus 3, so rocked with an entertainment writer, a psychiatrist and a lawyer – yes, I was prepared for every eventuality! Now, I know she’s been blasted in the press, but I’m here to tell you that in my humble opinion she was fantastic. True she couldn’t hit all the notes, but not through lack of trying – I mean she was a crack addict, we all know this, and she’s nearly 50 –give the woman a break for gods sake! She could still more than hold a tune though, and would still blow the likes of Cheryl Cole out the water – I mean, her range is far diminished, but when she was in her comfort zone she was off – it just made you sad for what she’s lost though. More than anything though I thought she seemed like a lovely Lady. Witty, wise and kind, I went on a freebie and left a fan. Go Whitters I say (and shouted a number of times during the concert…..apparently 2-and-a-bit pints of Stella gets me tipsy – classy)!

Here are some slightly random pics….what can I say it was a random night….enjoy!

The superfan who kept the stadium entertained before the concert....there's always one!

Whitters in her first outfit; a mirrored dress, and seriously fierce matching shoes. Unfortunatley she doesn't have the figure she once had, so it wasn't the most flattering choice, but snaps for effort!

Her ill-advised on-show bra strap....she's not Carrie Bradshaw - sack the stylist I say!

Her slightly more (dare I say) age-appropriate second outfit of a white tux-waistcoat thing and glitter leggings...

Introducing Graham, the totally wasted fan who kept us entertained on the tube journey home....nice!

Why you shouldn't drink and's no laughing matter...

What I'll be wearing AW10/ press day

I popped into the press day last night after work to take a peak at all the goodies they have in store for us for next season. Despite the fact that it was like a Krispy Kreme giveaway at a fat fighters meeting as eager bloggers and weary fashionistas all squeezed into the tiny pristine My-Wardrobe townhouse (note to self, never attend a press day after work hours) I’m jolly happy I did, as their buyers have once again excelled themselves. Apologies for the slightly wonky photography (you know it’s not my strong point), but here’s my AW10 My-Wardrobe wishlist….ahhh…..

p.s. Big love to the gorgeous Lauren and always-fabulous Anthony for always showing me love, Sisi G xx

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel
Says what it does on the jumper.

See by Chloe
I’m quite obsessed with pumpkin shaped bags right now - I just love their slouchy laid-back air, and this one also has a long across-the-body strap, so gets extra points.

Love Moschino
When wouldn’t I wear this? Black, tick. Gold, tick. Moschino, tick. It’s just fricking ticking man!

Merle O’Grady
How had I not heard of Merle O’Grady before? Yes, shame on Sisi G! I’m all over these earrings….as soon as they hit they’re mine!

For once I may have chosen my winter coat before Spring – Hallelujah! I brought a hooded black number this year, and sensible belted grey one the year before, so I’m thinking I’m allowed a slightly impractical red Halston coat for AW10 yeah??

When I first saw Ash’s wedge healed trainers last year I was embarrassed to admit I liked them. I do though, and these bad boy buckle versions are even hotter. Want.

So shock horror gasp I don’t own a Mulberry bag. I have a Mulberry/ GAP one, but I’m never convinced that really counts. I feel this leopard print Alexa may be the answer to my Mulberry dreams though…Mmmmm….

Forrest & Bob
Introducing what I believe may be the perfect tee. So simple. So sexy. So mine.

Monday, 26 April 2010


For those of you who missed Glee last night, WWMD stands for What Would Madonna Do and is officially my new favourite acronym (I never really got the whole lol thing anyway). Without wanting to bang on about it too much, Glee's Madonna episode was pure genius, and without a shadow of a doubt the best so far. And also, was it only me kicking myself when I found out that she's Sue Sylvester’s ultimate idol? I mean, the clues have been there all along!

To be honest I’ve always been more of an MJ girl, but since Celebration found its way onto my ipod sometime before Christmas, I’ve been more than a little obsessed with Madge, and in true Sisi G style have been channelling this obsession through my wardrobe; lace gloves, hair bows, ripped tights, general slutiness. I know it’s total cheese on toast, but there really is something empowering about her – she’s a true icon, and inspiration. In the words of the great woman herself - Express yourself.

p.s. MASSIVE thank you to Anna D for the photoshop help as I am a total loser, and don't have a clue how to use it!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Not wanting to be smug, but.....

Wow, what a brilliant day. The sun is shining, I’ve spent the morning mooching round Broadway market with my friend Lucy, and then, to top it all off I just unearthed a bit of vintage/ 2nd hand bargainous Moschino in the Hackney Empire vintage market – what a treat! For those of you who are now thinking I’m a total smug bastard, please console yourselves with the following facts;
1. Last weekend was a total disaster - I spent the whole thing locked inside and missed all the sunny fun!
2. I never ever ever find designer stuff in vintage or charity shops. Never. And I spend a lot of time in them, so I was owed this!
3. It’s a bit tight across the bust.

Anyway, regardless of all of the 3rd point I’m most delighted with my purchase, and will soon be found wearing it with my denim boyfriend shorts and a black vest so there.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The lost month....

Oh god, it’s been so long. There really is no excuse for my absence – life’s just been on fast forward for the last month.

Have been up to all sorts of random/ exciting things, so by way of getting back into your good books I thought I’d share a few of them with you.

This is what my mouth has tasted, eyes have seen, and things that have made me smile……

I love a headscarf, (especially when my hair’s being particularly crazy/ I’m being particularly lazy) and this is my current fave. It's an off cut from Zambia. Simples.

I went to this A-MA-ZING Sipsmith/ Providores pop-up restaurant. It was without a doubt one of the best meals of my life. There were 6 courses, and a different Sipsmith vodka or gin cocktail served with each course – it was honestly incredible. I got totally sozzled, and ended up being bundled into a cab by the pr at the end of the night. Classy

Obvs I’ve been keeping my fashion-bitch eye out. Spotted these monstrosities on the tube not so long ago. All I have to say on the matter is that I’m sorry you had to see them too. Really I am.

Yes, he’s a cat in a scarf, which makes him THE coolest cat in the world. He hangs out with a Big Issue seller in Covent Garden, and I'm kinda obsessed with him. I dropped and cracked the screen on my phone taking this picture in fact, so I hope you appreciate it!

This is me while I could still stand at my belated birthday party. I brought the feather skirt out for a special birthday airing, and wore it with a plain vest, shimmering nude and gold tights, and my fave new snakeskin open toe boots. I love birthdays – they’re the one time when you can wear absolutely anything you choose, and I obviously always take full advantage of this. I can’t reveal how old I am as I’m a lady, but I will say I’m old enough to know better….

Mini birthday cupcakes which my lovely friend Henri made me....yummy!

Saw this in Ridley Road market, and still can't believe my eyes. Can you imagine turning up at Heathrow with this? Why would you even need a suitcase this big? How could you wheel it? Where would you store it? And how comes they decided to make it leopard print. Genius, pure genius!

Argh, so obviously I LOVE these Alice Palmer studded tights. I spotted them on her pr at a press day, and had to get a snap. They're the definition of fierce. I NEED these in my life!