Friday, 28 May 2010

Best day ever: Part 3

Yes, we're on the final stage of my ‘best day ever’ marathon....jealous yet?! Well, if not, ladies (and gay men), this might push you over the edge. After buying some nicely discounted Louboutin's and trying on some stylish shades I then tottered/ hobbled off to a preview screening of the cultural phenomenon that is SATC2 aka. THE only thing anyone's talking about at the mo (in my world at least).

You'll be happy to hear I'm not going to bang on about it (mainly because it's 8.30 on a Friday night, and I'm still in the office, and I'd quite like to go and drink some red wine and watch crap tv). I will however say this:

Yes, I liked it. No, I don't think it was the best film ever made, or that it did justice to the series, or that it's Oscar worthy; but I did enjoy watching it (for the most part). I didn't think it was racist. I think there were majorly cringe-worthy parts, and that the plot came galloping towards you like "Lawrence of my labia" (don't get? That's because you haven't seen it yet, he he), but I'd watch it pj's, with some wine/ a hangover. Basically I think it is what it is - a silly girly romcom with THE MOST HERMES-ZING WARDROBE IN-THE-WORLD. Patricia Field utterly excelled herself, and there was hardly a scene where I didn’t get palpitations/ wasn’t overcome with total and utter ugly, selfish, capitalist, consumer society, greedy, green-with-envy jealousy – and ironically, for me, that was enough.

Oh – and Liza was incredible!

Best day ever: Part 2

So….you’d think that a Christian Louboutin sample sale would be enough excitement for one day…..maybe even for one lifetime, but not for me. Last night (after the work/ office bit we’re not thinking about) I headed off for a spot more (window) shopping. This time it was all about the sunnies, and not just any sunnies, but exciting new Austrailian ones which have just landed in the UK, thanks to two lovely (and really very clever) ladies called Rebecca and Marie-Claire (introduced to me by my dear friend Jane, aka. Squirrel). Now, I’ve never been to Oz, but I’ve heard rumours that it gets rather warm down under (ahem), and that they know a thing or two about summer gear, so I was super-excited to see what they had to offer. I wasn’t disappointed. There were three brands on display (one was men’s though, so I’m afraid I didn’t pay it much attention – sorry boys). For us lovely ladies there were the spontaneous-purchase-priced Le Specs and the let-me-sleep-on-them Karen Walker’s. I obviously fell head-over-heels (or should I say frames, boom boom) for the Karen Walker’s. Well I would wouldn’t I! More than just sleep on it I thought I’d ask for some expert advice from you guys on which, if any, I should purchase. Ooh, and bare in mind they’re approx. £170 ouch….sorry I mean each!

p.s. all donations welcome!

p.p.s. for those of you who want in on the action both brands will be stocked at Tosho, Urban Outfitters, and soon - handy andy!

Numero uno: Righteous
These jumped out at me straight away, and I was sure they were going to be perfect for me. Round, gold frames, tortoise shell arms – they had my name all over them. Once on my face I wasn’t so sure though…..

Numero dos: Rover
So, not a fan of the name, but these are actually my personal favourites. I’ve convinced myself that fluoro orange goes with….you guessed it, ev-er-y-thing! Please tell me I’m not being totally crazy – these are hot, right?

Numero tres: Number Six
Probably the most sensible and safest option. I do like these, don’t get me wrong, but…..I don’t know, they’re just, like, black. I really do like the thickness of the frame though, and these really would go with a lot I guess. Hhhmmmm…

So, please help me. Be good people, and post your comments/ advice below. Cheers xx

Best day ever: Part 1

Wow, whadda day whadda day whadda day…yesterday was officially the best day ever (bar the whole work thing, as obviously the best day ever would involve being lazy in the sun, not being busy in an office), but apart from that yesterday was totally sublime! It was such a totally fantastic day in fact that I’ve had to break down into 3 parts (show off, moi, never). So, try not to hate me, but here we go….

Best day ever: Part 1

Mum, Dad, Mr Bank Manager, and all sensible friends please look away now. Yesterday began with a financially ill-advised trip to the secret Louboutin sample sale….this is what happened…..

My phone went off very early. After my initial annoyance and three snoozes I remembered why, and cheered up a bit! I met the lovely Simon (of fame) in the queue with a couple of Starbucks and the long long wait began (1 ½ hours to be precise)……on the cold streets of London. With a mild case of pneumonia we were eventually let in…..and this is what happened next….

After much deliberation, Cinderella ugly sister moments, and a rejected bank card (oh the shame) I eventually left with the following……

Ah….my darling beautiful babies! I’m so happy about these. I love snakeskin shoes, I just think they’re so effortlessly classy and go with everything (well, as much as that’s possible). Also, I’ve just recently been told that my 10 year old denim platforms are beyond repair (RIP), so was looking for a platform sandal replacement. See - they were actually a necessity. Jus-ti-fied baby!

How cute – no? They’re Louboutin Espadrille flats! There’s nothing I don’t love about them. They’re made from the softest softest leather, it’s all I can do to not rub them all over my face (the fact I’ve now worn them out on the mean streets of London has deterred me little). They’re cute. They’re comfy. Oh….and they’re mine, whoop whoop!

Ya what? Loub Hi-Tops??? Oh yes, I did it. For most it may be about the 6-inch heels, but I’m a pragmatist/ lazy girl, and you can’t beat a good old pair of trainers. Especially when they happen to be;
a. Louboutin
b. Gold embroidered white leather
c. Louboutin
Nike – hit the Hi-Road – there are new, shinier, blingier, far more exclusive Hi-Tops in town!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Heaven is a place on earth...

God, I really do have to stop using songs as blog titles....especially bad tragic '80's ones....but it's true, I really really have! Today I was honoured (and I don't say that lightly) to be invited to take a sneaky peak at the brand-spanking new, all singing, all dancing, couldn’t-begin-to-imagine-in-your-wildest-dreams, Louis Vuitton Maison on New Bond street. There are no words, so here are some pictures (which believe me don’t even begin to do any of it any justice)….phew

He’s a giraffe with gold studded hooves, wearing 4 Louis Vuitton scarfs, AND a monochrome Louis Vuitton harness. If you can think of anything more utterly fabulous in the world I’ll give up chocolate for eternity.

For those who hadn’t noticed (which won’t be anyone who’s seen me in the last month), I’m having a bit of a headscarf moment (sparked by my mental fringe). Anyway, I usually use scraps or old scarves, but that was before I knew this existed. I need it. Imagine. It would be mind-blowing. I’d smile all day, and do good deeds and everything....promise!

Introducing the bag bar, aka. the moving wall of luxury arm-candy, aka. the LV bag enthusiast’s wet dream…

Yes, it’s the most luxe picnic hamper you’ll ever see. I can’t imagine quite where or how you’d use it, but I want it nonetheless. Defo going on my wedding list (YES, I know I need the boy first….small inconvenience).

I love flat shoes (there, I said it). These are;
a. Louis Vuitton
b. Gold
c. With studs
d. And sequins
(In my best Greg Wallace off Masterchef voice) "Flats don’t get much better than this"…

SO amazing I’ve officially upgraded it from a bumbag, to an mmmmbag.

Katie Grand's installation. Amazing. I love this. I love her. This makes me want to walk around with a fricking bag ON MY HEAD - what a twat! Amazing!

And just so I don’t get accused of being a great big suck-up (although, I kinda am)…Me, in these, can you imagine? For humanities sake I steer clear of cycling shorts, and kinda think the rest of the world should follow suit. Good people at Louis Vuitton, two questions;
1. What were you thinking?
2. Why??

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunny tales from Costa del Dalston

I’m afraid this post comes with a bit of a smug warning, as it’s been on of those perfect weekends. You know, the ones where it feels like you’re on the best holiday ever despite the fact you’re just round the corner from your house. I don’t care what they say, there’s nothing better than a sunny weekend in London town, and it’s been an absolute scorcher in the Costa del Dalston.

I had friends visiting yesterday, so there was no choice but to head down to Broadway market/ London Fields for a spot of scoffing and posing. Apart from a spot of sunburn (I seemed to forget I was white yesterday – bag for London fields contained camera, phone, wallet, water, cider…practical as ever), and a shooting (which brought everyone down to reality with a bump), it was a brrrriliant day.

I debuted my new blue visor, which I got after seeing the Beauty girls had called a selection in for an upcoming shoot, and realised it’s absolutely what I needed this summer. Cheap and practical – what’s not to love? (YES, I told you I was sunburnt - SO not chic)!

We even managed to round it all off by stumbling upon the perfect summer party. Perfect I hear you say, I don’t believe it! Well I’m sorry, but it’s true…and just to rub it in, here’s why…
A. It was on a roof. All the best parties take place on roofs. There’s something insanely glamorous and uninhibited about a party on a roof.
B. The party basics were all on point – delish bbq, cold beer and good music.
C. We weren’t really invited. Well, we were, but only because we were walking past. Nothing like a spot of spontaneity to break up the 9 -5.
D. It was full of beautiful interesting people we didn’t know, but wanted to.
E. It was all for a good cause – raising money for a film project in the Brazil’s biggest Favela.

Cla and Suz up on the roof - purtey!

Obv’s I did a spot of style spotting in-between drinks, and here’s my best dressed girl and boy…..

Sebadee Smith
Looks easy, but it’s not – it’s not every man who can carry off a turn-up. I’ve always had a thing for the preppy look, and love Sebadee’s naughty boy twist on it.

Lovely lady (yes, no name, oops)!
Jumpsuit right? Wrong. It’s actually a top and trousers, which infuriatingly she brought for the insanely bargainous price of £2 on Roman Road….and that’s exactly where you’ll find me next Saturday!

Just to fulfil the twee Hackney-ite stereotype I wandered down to Columbia Road this morning – mainly because I finally acknowledged that I could probably do with a spot of exercise, but couldn’t face the gym. It was delightful and very much like stepping into a Richard Curtis film, so look away now if happy smiley people being organic and fairtrade turns you stomach….

Brought these vintag-y buttons for £4, which I thought was quite a steal. Not sure exactly what I'm going to do with them yet - any suggestions??

My exotic bouquet, and seriously good coffee, mmm mmm mmm. I'm such a caffeine snob, and this one really hit the spot.

Me and me Hyacinths. You can't beat them, so stylish and fragrant - happy days!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Harvey Nics and hairspiration....oh what a night!

This is the fabulous Carol who I met on the tube last night on my way back from a brrrrriliant Harvey Nichols/ Tanqueray Gin No.10 event organised by my wonderful friend Irena (shout out to Hen and Sim who kept me amused with he-larious Percy Pig stories amongst other things). H. Nics events are always the best, as A. they’re at Harvey Nics, and B. they always seem to have a venison based canapĂ©, and I LOVE venison; last night it was mini venison burgers – Sim and I did try getting them to super-size a couple for us, but sadly to no avail. Anyway, it was after 3 too many Tanqueray cocktails that I met Carol. As soon as she stepped into my carriage wielding her camera and giggling I fell in love. I’ve been banging on about wanting blonde hair with pinks highlights for FOREVER….well least since before my birthday which was yonks ago! She’s totally my hairspiration – and what’s more she said she did it herself – jealous! She also told me the best thing about pink hair is that everyone talks to you….people, I can feel a home dye session coming on!!!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Not so chic Chanel....

Just when I think I’ve seen the worst film ever, along comes another – bad in ways I never imagined possible. Tonight’s film was Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky – which was even more upsetting, as yes, you’ve guessed it, it was about Mademoiselle Chanel (yes, I know, and so soon after Coco Before Chanel – which if you ask me was also a great disappointment). The screening was in the plush intimacy of the Soho House screening room, but even their indulgent reclining seats didn’t make our 118 minutes more comfortable (I say our, as by the end everyone’s disappointment and embarrassment was palpable).
As the name suggests the film focuses (and when I say focus I mean it – it was PHD dissertation focused) on Chanel’s affair with Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. He is married with 5 kids, and they’re all living with Coco in her house just outside Paris when the affair takes place. Now call me old fashioned, but that’s just not cool….storyline wise we weren’t off to a great start. Then there were subtitles. I don’t know. I’m not really anti-subtitles…I think they’re a bit pretentious, but whatev’s, it’s a French film, and I guess it’s better than everyone speaking English with stupid fake French accents. The real problem was that I used my new vibrating mascara for the first time this morning so my left eye isn’t really working at full capacity today (those things are lethal – will defo have to make sure I don’t use it whilst under any influences…). Anyway, so I’m sitting there reading a film I’m not enjoying, but it wasn’t only my eyes which were being abused. No, the most antagonistic abuse was saved for my ears, for the entire film was accompanied by Mr Stravinsky’s music. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very good music, but it’s quite hard going….go on, google it. So there’s this horrible, destructive relationship, bleeding subtitles, and climpy clompy aggressive turn of the century revolutionary music – not exactly what you call relaxing….in fact I found the whole thing really quite oppressive. It was all just so sad, draining and tense.

Not wanting to be totally negative there were some good things about it….three to be precise; the clothes, the sets, and the sex scenes. However, as I said after seeing Coco Before Chanel though, I’d never wanted to see one of styles greatest icons fuck in the back of a car, and guess what, I didn’t wanna see her do it on the floor, on a piano or in a shed either – but I just did. Guess there were two good things then…..

This film proved two cliches right for me…

1. You can know too much.
2. Don’t meet your idols, you’ll only be disappointed.

As for many people Coco Chanel, for me, has always been the epitome of style and good taste….it seems this was only the case when it came to fashion though, because in life it seems she was a destructive, malicious, selfish bitch, and I for one didn’t want to know that. As so often is the case the image is better than the real thing. Shame.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

I made a dress and I liked it....

Oh yes. This weekend I crossed the line from fashion voyeur to dress maker...well ish. To be honest I can’t really take much of the credit – it was mainly down to my fantastically talented friend Irena. Irena’s one of those incredibly irritating people who will wear something utterly beautiful and lust-worthy, and then when you ask her where it’s from will tell you she made it - grrrr. Anyway after a little hinting Irena offered to help me (and our friend Henri) get a little creative. Our journey started about a month ago with a trip to a fantastic fabric shop (the location of which I’ve been sworn to secrecy), where for once I was rather restrained and only brought one piece of striped jersey. Anyway, yesterday was Maxi-D day (as Irena named it), and was honestly the most fun I’ve had in ages….here’s what happened…

Inspiration A: Acne's infamous extreme stripe cotton-jersey dress, £120

Inspiration B: Helmut Lang’s mucho sexy side-split jersey maxi dress, £180

Moi practising my sewing skills. I can go slow and straight, and am most proud of this!

Irena making the pattern. I have absolutely no idea how she did this. It was like watching magic. No matter how closely I watched her I couldn’t get my head around it.

Cutting the material. I had a little go at this, although being jersey it was easier watched than done!

The final product – maxi dress heaven! I honestly couldn’t love it more - you likey?

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Gaga/ Armani joy

I just got this email through, and had to share it with you immediately - isn't it just the most beautiful thing you've seen all day!

Obviously j’adore La Gaga – even more since reading the hermes-zing profile of her in New York mag a few weeks ago (which I’m now using as my own personal bible to success and general fabulousness). Anyway, this illustration is in fact a delish sneaky peak of the Giorgio Armani designed outfit which The Extraordinary Gaga will be sporting on her appearance on American Idol tonight, and I’m just obsessed with it. It’s like a black widow’s wedding dress – I think it’s hauntingly beautiful and a touch Miss Havisham – Bad Romance indeed! Mr Armani has been responsible for some of The Wonderful Gaga’s most show-stopping looks of late, and created her outfits for the Grammy Awards and the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala - and there I was thinking Lady Almighty’s looks were all off the peg! It seems the union is a win win situation, as Mr Armani said, “To complement the spirit of Lady Gaga herself, I have let my imagination run free, and the outfit I have created for her for American Idol is pure fantasy" – sounds like I’m not the only one worshipping at the font of Gaga magnificence…