Friday, 18 November 2011

Not just another leather biker jacket

Today I’m a very happy bunny, as I’ve just got a new Muubaa leather jacket, which I hope you all love as much as I do (as always would love your feedback)! I’ve only recently discovered London–based leather brand Muubaa, and instantly fell in love with the Rick Owens-esque understated luxury of their designs. Their prices aren’t cheap (my jacket is £329), but their innovative designs and experimental techniques make for some fantastic stand-out pieces, and as a frequent leather sniffer (honestly, I can hardly walk past a leather jacket without giving it the sniff test – it’s practically an illness) I can confirm that this is the real deal. Besides the jackets (I also have my eye on this belted funnel neck waterfall jacket - maje), Muubaa also design some great clothing; just take a quick peek at this rather naughty Madam Whiplash stylee pencil skirt, and this perforated suede cami is just delicious!

I’ve been casually in the market for a new leather biker jacket for a while now, and have nearly brought a more typically fierce number on more than one occasion. Something was always holding me back though, and now I’ve realised that I was actually craving something completely different all along. In contrast to the usual harshness, this biker has a gentle fluidity which really differentiates it from the pack. I just love the fact it’s distressed grey instead of the typical jet-black, and the way it hangs more like soft denim or even linen, instead of being all stiff and rigid. Best of all you just know it’s going to get better the more I wear it – win!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

A lesson in cynicism/ a lucky day

So, my infamous hard-earned finely-chiselled cynicism took a bit of a knock today. After last night's post where I declared, and I quote, 'there's about as much chance of me getting my grubby mitts on any of the [Versace H&M] collection as there is me marrying in to the Royal family', I only bloody managed to score not one, but two pieces! Well, you know what that means....move over Chelsy, Harry's MINE!

After hours of hitting refresh, I eventually made it through to the check-out without the site crashing (albeit 4/5 items in my basket had sold out by then) - I honestly couldn't believe my luck. Then, after work, I decided to take a walk on the wild side, and pop into a couple of H&M stores on the off chance that it hadn't all sold out, and in the second store managed to find my second piece. Score!

Obviously I'm desperado to tell you what I've got, but as I have to wait for one of my pieces to be delivered, you're going to have to wait to too!

I hope you were all as lucky as I was. If you were I'd love to hear/ see what you brought.

I'm off now to totally re-evaluate my entire outlook on life now...syke! Being cynical is the only thing that keeps me sane!

Kisses xxx

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Versace/ H&M: Be still my beating heart

Sadly I couldn't attend the show/ launch party...predominantly because I wasn't invited, but you know I'm veeeerrrry conscious of my carbon foot print now days, so probably would have refused the invitation to fly to NY just for one night anyway. Yer right! Anyway, I'm not one to hold a grudge, and as a MAHOOOSIVE Versace fan - spesh the retro '90s flash-trash prints - I'm beyond crushing over their collection for H&M.

As (bad) luck would have it I'm office-based tomorrow, so won't be able to get to a H&M till lunch time (if I'm lucky), so as there's about as much chance of me getting my grubby mitts on any of the collection as there is me marrying in to the Royal family, I've decided to wallow in voyeuristic lusting of what could be if only I were willing to pull a sickie and wake at the crack of dawn to join a queue in the cold and get first dibs...

Snaps to the H&M team for producing yet another blinder of a designer collaboration....and I really truly didn't think it could get any better than last years collabo with Lanvin. I daren't let myself think about what they could have in store next...

The insanely brilliant advert. If only all ads were this creative, clever and well-conceived.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Remember Remember....British Folklore

Roughly a year ago I had the pleasure of interviewing the fantastically talented Simon Costin - set designer/ art director extraordinaire. Not simply content with his day job, Simon recently fulfilled a life-long personal dream by establishing The Museum of British Folklore. The Museum, which seeks to 'promote, celebrate and revitalise the folk heritage of Britain', is shockingly the only institution dedicated to British folklore in the country, and as such undertakes some really very exciting, interesting and important work.

Late as ever, this video should have gone up before bonfire night, but as a. the exhibition is on until 11th December, and b. it's in Warwickshire (where most of you are not), I'll let myself off the tardiness hook this time!

Do take a couple of minutes to watch though, as it’s a beautifully captivating slice of Simon Costin (and Richard Sharples) magic.

Mini-style Icon: Onyx Cecil Wightman

He may only be 2 1/2, but I reckon my friend Nellie's son, Onyx, could give the staff of Mr Porter a run for their money in the style stakes. I'm more than a little obsessed with him. Here are some of my fave of his recent looks...

'Nautical but nice' for Gay pride

Working that old hipster classic, double denim

Easy-like-Sunday-morning in his Hawaiian shirt and sunnies.

Perfecting his nonchalant style-blogger pose in his AW11 off-to-daycare look.

LFW SS12: 5 sides of Si

So I thought I'd share my rather schizophrenic SS12 LFW wardrobe with you. Because I'm a control-freak stress-head and LFW is always crazy busy, I try to pre-plan my outfits in the days before. As the saying goes, 'the best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry', and as so much of how I dress is to do with how I'm feeling, it's hardly surprising that by day 2 I'm basically dressing off-schedule (in the case of Day 2 this season so off-schedule that I'm slightly embarrassed to show you what I concocted)!

As usual all feedback welcome!

Si x

Day 1: My 'easy breazy let a pretty dress do the talking' look

Dress: Zara
Jacket: Zara
Shoes: Dune
Belt: Karen Millen

Day 2: My 'last minute for one day only Liz Taylor in a Kaftan meets provincial art teacher' look

Kaftan: H&M
Slip: M&S
Shirt: Vintage
Bag: Love Moschino
Wedges: Office

Day 3: My 'Little Miss Prim wannabe-Moschino' look

Dress: Zara
Jumper: Toi et Moi
Belt: My sisters
Shoes: KG Kurt Geiger
Bag: Love Moschino
Earrings: Dannijo

Day 4: My 'playful twist on the classic jeans and a shirt' look

Jeans: J Brand
Shirt: Vintage from Italy
Belt: Charity shop find
Jacket: Charity shop find
Boots: Kurt Geiger
Sunglasses: Ermanno Scervino
Bag: Love Moschino

Day 5: My 'fashion can be fun/ I'm knackered/ fuck heels' look

Dress: Zara
Belt: Vintage Jaeger
Socks: American apparel
Trainers: Nike