Monday, 4 October 2010

LFW Sept 2010....the last known reports...

Not even gonna bother with excuses as to why my LFW coverage is about a month late. Will just say that I’ve been mentally busy and totally exhausted. End of.

LFW – wow, seems like a trillion years ago…and in fashion terms it kinda was! The fash pack have ravaged Milan and are now romping round Paris, and soon all will be back to normal. Then before we know it it’ll be February and it’ll all start over again – god help us all! Anyway, I was very much out and about during LFW (apart from Monday when I assisted on a rather frustratingly-scheduled shoot). Was pretty devastated at the time, but it had to be done, and I had THE most phenomenal chicken and avo sandwich of my life at Spring Studios, so swings and roundabouts I guess!

If trad catwalk reports are what you’re after, then please see the previous post with links to all my bits for MSN and Planet Notion. If however you want some interesting pics, and my take on LFW complete with my ‘Would swap my mother for; Would wear if gifted; Couldn’t stomach’ rating then read on….

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