Monday, 4 October 2010

LFW Sept 2010 - On Saturday I was bad Jew

Saturday was also Yom Kippur (aka. the holiest day in the Jewish calendar), so I was in two-minds whether to go to the shows at all. In the end I went with my head and followed the fashion piper into town...I'd been quite good this year, so probs didn't have that much repenting to do anyway!

I was a bit naughty and slept through two shows (one of which I later heard had served bloody mary's and baked goods, so more fool me!), and started my day with some Betty Jackson action.

The show closed with these utterly fantastic feather trousers. Thinking about it you probably have to be a size 8 or smaller to carry them off without causing too many references to 'Big bird', but I likey nonetheless.

The main talking point of the show was the poor model who somehow managed to get her foot caught in her bag strap and fall over. Poor thing - can you imagine?!

And here she is limping one shoe off, and one shoe on - just like the nursery rhyme....although I'm not sure John had a designer handbag hooked over his leg too!

In the afternoon I went to the Spijkers en Spijkers show, which seemed good at the time, although looking back seems rather bland and pedestrian. I'm not sure whether this is a reflection on the collection or my bad photography, but the best image of the show was this one of the stunning sisters you think there's a third short fat ugly sister out there.....hhhmmm....

Bryce Aime was a total disaster as far as I'm concerned. Ugly leggings, strangely-shaped clingy too-short t-shirts, ridiculous Geisha shoes none of the girls could walk in, and 'directional' hair failed to come together as a cohesive, catwalk-worthy collection. The FROW goodie bag on the other hand was delightful. Shame.

Ok - if you can manage to see past the massive top-knot, this is my fave look from John Rocha's collection. Romantic, whimsical and monochrome, it was everything you want from Rocha and more. J'adore. Also delighted to see that frizzy hair's back - a trend that will take no effort from me to follow - joy!

Would swap my mother for: One of the beautiful, and admittedly totally OTT John Rocha hats. In black. Want quite a lot.

Would wear if gifted: A surprising amount of the Betty Jackson collection (loved all the feathers)....apart from those hideous clonky wedges obvs.

Couldn’t stomach: The entire Bryce Aime Collection (see above).

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