Sunday, 5 December 2010

Princess Emily's spangletastic birthday

On Saturday night I did something I rarely do, and ventured in to central London. In general the West end on a Saturday night is not my scene; badly dressed tourists, and badly behaved locals don't make for a very happy Siam, but seeing as it was my very good friend Emily's 30th birthday party I thought I'd better suck it up. Obviously once I was out - safely nestled in the bosom of The Bureau club, a couple of drinks to the wind and flailing round the dancefloor to a disco classic, I wondered what I'd been making all the fuss about.

Emily aka. Princess spanglepants was the quintessential birthday girl in her floor-sweeping Kate Moss for Toppers sequin- festooned dress (and trademark red lippie).

And proving that she can never be upstaged, no matter how fierce the competition, here she is striking a pose-and-a-half with her bestie and partner in (many) crimes, the infamous Mr Sam Dowler (who much to his horror I nicknamed Buttons for the night).

Last but not least here's the ever-charming Jamie - my friend Anna's boyf - who I thought looked rather dashing in a grey tweed tie and matching cardie. Subtle yet that's something I don't say often.

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