Sunday, 26 December 2010

Hunting out vintage treasures with Tamara

Merry Christmas one and all! Yes I'm a day late, but as we're all still stuffing ourselves with turkey and Christmas cake I think it's acceptable!

On Thursday I went for (what I thought was) an innocent coffee in Camden with Tamara. I should have known it wouldn't just be a quick caffeine boost and catch-up though, and 6 hours later I found myself wearily trudging back from Camden, unable to feel my toes, and laden with shopping bags containing a whole new vintage wardrobe! Typical! Yes - Tamara is singly the best and worst person to ever go shopping with (or just vaguely near shops with). Best - in that she'll give you great advice. Worst - in that you'll definitely end up buying me, you just will.

Obviously I totally love my new purchases - I hope you will too!

Yes - I know, it's ANOTHER vintage maxi dress! What can I say - I just love the glamour and elegance of the maxi silhouette, and it feels so special to wear something that was made-to-measure by hand (even if it wasn't originally made for me!) and not in some distant sweatshop. Anyway, this one was a total bargain at a mere £19.95 in the Sue Ryder Charity shop.

The charity shop also threw up this cardi - a total classic, and sure to become a wardrobe staple. At £7.95 it really wasn't worth thinking about. Great shape, great glitter - total winner.

By the time we ventured deep into the depths of The Stables I was absolutely determined that I wasn't going to buy one more single thing. I wasn't even looking, promise. Then this turban jumped out at me, and although I tried my bestist to resist Tamara was insistent that I at least try it on...and the game was over. The colour - the deep dreamy luscious teal. The smooth sumptuous twirling velvet, and the unusual side knot had to be mine. At £30 it was my most expensive purchase....and although I don't like to play favourites, I have to admit I love it the most.

So there you have it - proof that there are still some bargains to be bagged in Camden...if you're shopping with the right pair of eyes that is!

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