Friday, 26 November 2010

All I want for Channukah....

Love Moschino - never has a brand been so appropriately named, as I do indeed majorly LOVE Moschino! Flashy, trashy, shiny, 80's brashness in all its designer glory - I feel Moschino is a brand who truly understand the heart and soul of Miss Sisi G.

And so to these gorgeous gloves. Obviously last year I was maybe just a teensy bit obsessed by a certain pair of Chanel earmuffs (which no one bothered to buy me despite numerous hints and blog posts). Not one to let a total lack of interest from others stop me in my lusting tracks, this year my winter accessory de jour are these rather hermes-zing embellished grey angora Love Moschino gloves.....HOW CUTE!

Family and friends I'm going to make this very simple. Here's the link to - I'll leave the rest to you....

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