Monday, 4 October 2010

LFW Sept 2010 - On Sunday there was last!

Sunday was a good day. I started off early at Basso & Brooke. The collection was light, airy and young, and a wonderful start to my Sunday. Sadly I didn't manage to get any decent pics - not even one, so you're just gonna have to take my word for it (or look on!

The rather genteel start to the day was then totally shattered by what was to become one of of my LFW highlights - Charlie Le Mindu's show. As we took our seats we were all expecting a bit of flesh - maybe the odd nipple or what have you. What we weren't expecting was a full-frontal extravaganza (causing the ever-fabulous Sebulous to rename/ crown him Charlie Le Minge-u)! This show was without a doubt one of my absolute faves. After 3 days of neutral palettes, safe shift dresses and nicey nice tailoring I was crying out of a massive dollop of something subversive, and Charlie provided a truck-full. Here are some of my high-lights...

Poodle perm brilliance. I think every perm should come with poodle at the front as standard from now on.

I've always had a thing for Flamingo's (in a platonic sense, obvs), so totally fell for this Flamingo hat. How fricking fabulous - would wear it at the drop of a....well....hat!

Charlie's show was styled by his good friend Anna Trevelyan (aka. Tamara's ex-assistant, who is now assisting Nicola Formichetti who styles Gaga). I wonder how many of these pieces will end up on La Gaga? I can definitely see her in this Hollywood headpiece - no?
Also, heard a fantastic rumour that one of the models got cold feet and refused to go commando at the last minute, forcing Charlie and Anna to cast one of the assistants! Isn't that just the best story? I REALLY hope it's true! And if it is, all I can say is thank god I wasn't assisting on this show!

Jasper Conran was pretty - sorbet colours and summer dresses, and some fantastic Stephen Jones hats - which again made me long for a massive floppy hat to attract lots of attention with, and hide behind simultaneously!

Then we all treked to bloody Souf Landan for the Matthew Williamson show (admittedly Tamara was driving, so it wasn't that much effort for me!). The venue was the awe-inspiring Battersea power station, which I thought was well worth the effort.

Inside the purpose built catwalk tent. What a phenomenal back drop.

The collection had a luxe-safari feel. I loved the taffeta and heavy silver embellishment....

And the extreme tassels...

The exceedingly wearable sandals (especially the ones with the patterned bases).

And of course there were the obligatory floaty maxi dresses. This year they were toughened-up with some sexy S&M stylee harness action, which I was liking very much (although thinking they'll look a bit surgical with bigger boobs)!

Would swap my mother for: The body of either of the naked models from Charlie Le Mindu's show - serious envy. Failing that the Flamingo head-dress has feautured in a dream of two...

Would wear if gifted: Any of the Basso & Brooke pretty dresses or a silver-embellished Matthew Williamson jacket. In fact, if I had the money I'd even pay for them.

Couldn't stomach: Fluro yellow Charlie Le Mindu wigs. Just not a colour hair should come in. Ever.

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  1. What I would swap my daughter for; the body of one of Charlie Le Mingu's models xxxx