Friday, 23 July 2010

Off with a BANG!

My head, my head! I’ve been freelancing for 13 days now. I’ve spent 2 moving out of Dalston house and back to Finchley; 8 in Italy, and 3 skulking round the house in my pj’s (yes, the same pair – the horror)! Last night however I managed to break the stalemate and shower, jump into my trusty black tosho Jumpsuit and brave the Northern line to attend a. the Selfridges Christmas in July press day, and b. Marc Jacobs BANG launch party - fabulous fashion fun…

Sadly I proceeded to get hammered on rum cocktails and champagne (on a basically empty stomach) – accosted Marc, ranted at Henry Holland and starred at the utterly stunning Jonathan Kelsey and his gorgeous boyf Greg, then blanked them, then finally realised who they were through the champagne fug. Professional. Finally came round midday to full face of make-up, natch, and alternating waves of nausea and embarrassment. Classy. Days like these being freelance really pays!

Anyway, before the bubbles took hold this is what I saw…


Love this. A colour-in cuckoo clock. Perfect for me as I'm always late (as Bibi discovered first hand last night - Public apology: I'm SOOOO sorry), and, well, at times...slightly cuckoo! Also, much fun and practical too!

NEED!! Honestly, it's not even about want or like or love with these. I NEED them in my life. Ashish - obvs, natch. They're apparently the most expensive pj's in the world (bottoms £810, top £890) - total investment I say. This is how I see it. I'm now a freelancer, therefore I spend most of my time in my pj's, therefore I should own fabulous pj's, because then the fabulousness will rub off on me, and I'll be fabulous and get lots of work, which will mean I'll get lots of money (DEEP BREATH) - therefore, they are an investment! See!

Marc Jacobs BANG party, Harvey Nic's

Yes, once again I trekked down to SW1 for another top Harvey Nic's party (and they do throw the best)! Unfortunately I broke my usual eat-as-many-canapés-as-humanly-possible rule and stuck to liquids....looking back, that's probably where it all went wrong....anyway....

Grrrr. How hot is Marc. Last night was all about the boys; Marc Jacobs (LOVE - almost fainted when I first saw him. Honestly. No lie.), Jesus Luz (in my bed, ahem, I mean on the decks), Jake Shears, Jonathan (almost too beautiful to actually look at) Kelsey and boyf Greg and Henry Holland, not to mention my new friends from the (smoking/posing) terrace - Tom, Richard and Alistair. What a treat! Sadly the only thing I bagged at the end of the night was a bottle of BANG (not that I'm ungrateful)....just it won't keep my warm at night. Sob.

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