Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Some days everything just goes your way...

...and this was one of those days for me! Yes the rain was relentless, and my pumps soaked through and the Jew-fro sprung into action, but today was a brilliant day none-the-less.

We were in the final stages of prepping for tomorrows big CC shoot, which I'm almost-can't-sleep excited about. It's amazing to be able to work with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Westwood, Burberry, Felder Felder, D&G, Acne....etc etc (dribble dribble drool). Every time a courier arrived I lept up and basically ripped the bag out of his soggy (from the rain people!) hands! Even though the goodies weren't for me (and in most cases didn't even fit - bugger sample sizes/ bugger not being sample size) I still felt a massive rush of excitement every time I ripped open a bag. Loser? And because I'm nice and can't resist here are a couple of sneak peeks of my fave bits...

Rigby and Peller corset, made to measure. If I were rich I'd lay around all day drinking gin out of a teacup and wearing this corset. At over £300 it's lavish, and sensual and totally extravagant, and yes, it may look a big Gaga-ga-ga-ga (spesh with the matching knickers), but since when was that a bad thing?

Ahhh - Louis Vuitton....tra la la, heaven! I felt I had to watch my manners and language just being in the same room as this skirt. It's from look 25 of their A/W 2010 collection, and is made of THE very softest leather imaginable (think cashmere). Fashion heaven.

You gotta love those D&G boys - they always know how to make a woman feel sexy. I have to say I'm becoming a little obsessed with this t-shirt; not content with paying it regular visits on the Harvey Nic's website, I then decided to call it in for the shoot. I'm not exactly rolling in it at the mo (money that is), so £110 is a bit much to spend on a does have a lace cami printed on it, and I'd wear it all the time, so....I'm thinking it might be an investment?!

For those who don't recognise, THIS, is the coat of the season (duh)! Burberry's shearling aviator jackets took the fashion world by storm last season, and are basically the reason why you'll all be wearing one by September. Like me you probs won't be getting this one (unless you happen to have a spare couple of grand hanging round I don't know about?), but never-the-less, it's nice to look (and maybe try on when you're all alone) he he...

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