Monday, 9 August 2010

Uplifting tale: Bad weekend turned good

I don't think this will go down as one of my best weekends on was neither relaxing nor debauched (the two extremes which for me define a good weekend), but instead languished in that dull, depressing black hole of idle indifference in the middle…until I gave it a kick up the arse. This is what (didn't) happen...


Like any good/ bad weekend it all kicked off on Friday...when my laptop died. Just like that. There were no signs that it was ill, in fact I thought it had been rather happy of late, but then halfway through sending a very important email to Lucie at Toni&Guy re my next hair appointment - Ping....then nothing.....NOTHING!!! Now I wouldn't mind, but it's not even a bloody year old! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Urgh.
As I was busy, instead of getting on the phone to Dell (yes, it would be a bleeding Dell, so there are no shops and a call centre was my only option) I then logged on to the helplessly slow family computer to try and salvage the rest of the working day.
Despite actually managing to get some work done and a lovely dinner with my friend Kim I was haunted by the untimely demise of my little lappie, and that Friday feeling eluded me. Fail.


It's probably my own fault really. I had a massive lie-in (I was in mourning after all) and then fell victim to trailer-trash allure of shite Saturday morning tv, so it wasn’t until the (late) afternoon that I tried calling Dell’s helpline…which was helpfully closed on the weekend. Eventually I managed to track down a number which was running, and after 10 minutes of pressing buttons and entering codes I was basically told that the staff were on a fire drill (?!) and would be back shortly. They never came back. Till this very morning I’m still wondering if;
a. It was a cruel ‘Siam was the office Fire Warden’ joke
b. The Dell call centre actually burned to the ground taking all the call centre staff with it.
Either way I wasn’t impressed and was forced to console my aching heart with the Ally McBeal boxset and curry. Waste.


Determined not to fail or waste another day I gave myself a bit of a pep talk and started the day with a bowl of melon, what a winner! I then exceeded my own expectations by majorly getting my arse into gear, and saved my weekend!
a. I created a spreadsheet. It needed to be done and despite the painfully slow pc, and my hatred of all things excel-ish I did it. Proud.
b. I continued with the almost insurmountable tidy-up project I’m currently (avoiding) undertaking in order to make my room fit for habitation. I decided that as clothes are basically my main priority I should start with them…no small task. In short – I emptied and sorted through two double wardrobes, 6 drawers, hundreds of shoe boxes and bags upon piles upon heaps of clothes. There were times when I wondered why I’d started, and there were times when I wished I hadn’t, but as with all worthy projects, in the end I knew I’d done the right thing and slept with a happy heart and calm head.

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