Monday, 23 August 2010

Get me to The Church on time...

No, I'm not getting married in the morning...far more exciting than that, as last Wednesday I was able to live my teen-dreams of being a world famous, award winning, recording artist vicariously through Charlotte Church! Ok - so I never actually dreamt of being a pop star, but spending 17 hours on the shoot for Charlotte's new single last week (which is great btw) did make me wish I could hold a tune/ be a little bit famous!! It also made Charlotte my new 2nd fave celeb (after interviewing him at Glasto, Mr (Vanilla) Ice will always have a special place in my heart). You know how you're always hearing that famous people are really down-to-earth? Well Charlotte hand-on-heart really really is. In fact, she's the least diva-like person I've probably ever met; even my dad's more of a demanding than she is!! Maybe it's because she's been in the game so long; maybe it's because she's Welsh; whatever it is she's incredibly sweet, incredibly hard-working, and to top it all of is very talented and has a killer body! Enough to make you sick really!

Anyway, enough Charlotte-loving - here are some cheeky pics from the shoot...enjoy!

Our base - Luna Doll vintage shop where we call all the clothes into, edit them down, and generally hang out! This room has become my 2nd home in the last couple of weeks...and no, I haven't tried on all the clothes - I've been very good and resisted!

The shoot - big lights, lots of wires and monitors - not quite the glamour you'd imagine!

Some of the shoes we called in. This selection (all apart from the pair front right) were from Office, and were my faves. I'm totally obsessed with the lace up wedges, and heeled Chelsea boots (front left, and back right respectively)...think I might have to treat myself for LFW!

My 3 year old very very battered biker boots, which despite all the amazing shoes we called-in very nearly made it into the video!! Sadly they were dumped for something slightly more glam in the end though...they're still sulking!

This is lovely Anna, Tamara's other assistant. She was rather taken with this satchel bag which belonged to Kevin Godley, the Direcor. Sadly he was very fond of it too, and wasn't up for sharing!

My last-minute emergency trip to Westfield for extra tights....because although we had about 50 pairs, typically we didn't have the one pair we needed!!!

Charlotte looking gorgeous, with Kevin Godley. By now it was past midnight, and we'd been working since about 9am, and yet Charlotte was still on top form - what a trooper!

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