Thursday, 5 August 2010

Trench wars

I used to love a spot of arts and crafts when I was younger; I was forever creating bits of tat and palming it off on friends and family as presents - pen holders made of finished loo rolls, glittery pink friendship bracelets, and soap made of tissue (admittedly one of my stranger concepts). Then I grew up, earned some money, and started buying people actual nice things from actual shops instead, and my arts and craft days became a thing of the past...until now! Maybe it's because I'm freelancing and have much time and little money, but I was beyond excited when I heard that Comptoir des Cotonniers (that chic French brand with Zara before-they-got-really-over-priced prices) have launched a competition to customise your own trench coat. The comp is to celebrate their 15th birthday (and 15 years of their iconic trenches), and the winner wins a super-handy £850 to spend in-store (which would sort me out with a new wardrobe and a couple of non-hand-made pressies to boot)!

Now obviously with my prestigious arts background I'm probably going to win, but if you'd like to have a go 'just for the fun of it' check out the Comptoir des Cotonniers website for more details and the application form...and be quick, comp closes on 6th September! Happy creating!

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