Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Never again will I do appointments in heels!!!

You're just in luck. My dinner date (sadly female and platonic) is running late, so I have just enough time to tell you about my day!

Tamara and I are in the middle of prepping for another big Charlotte shoot (this time editorial shots). It's much better than the last one - we're calling in lots of big names (Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Westwood - yum yum yum) - and I've just seen the call sheet and apparently we should be done by 2pm - amazing!!!

This afternoon we did some appointments - Blow pr, Starworks (via a mooch around Selfridges) and Browns. I made the mistake of wearing heels. Not big heels, but heels enough. Never again. Tamara was wearing her gorgeous Prada degrade heels (which make me want to weep with envy whenever I see them) and flew up and down Oxford street like she was barefoot. Argh!

First stop was Blow pr. I LOVE their offices SOOOO much. Their office is like my dream house. Big open plan warehouse space scattered with A-MA-ZING weird wonderful creations from all their uber-cool cutting edge designers. I took a million pics there - will do a separate post about them later!

With time to kill Tamara and I went for a browse in Selfridges. We were just gossiping in the food court when Tamara's jaw dropped and her eyes became the size of saucers. Slowly I turned around to see Layla. Obviously I had to get a pic of a girl brave enough to go to Selfridges in knickers....laddered Henry Holland tights, a cartoon top, 2 Blue Peter badges, a massive diamond encrusted gun necklace and some serious face jewellery!! Despite the get-up (god I'm sounding old!) Layla was actually a bit of a shy flower. I did manage to conduct the following brief interview though...
Me: OMG, can I please get a picture of you for my blog?
Layla: Ummmm....yes....
Me: What's your name?
Layla: Layla
Me: Where are you from?
Layla: Kent, but originally Cyprus
Me: Where do you get your inspiration from?
Layla: Music, tv, art....

Spurred on by our Layla encounter Tamara and I headed over to Browns Focus. Argh, it's just heaven. I love Browns world, you forget you're in the centre of London madness surrounded by French exchange students and angry bus drivers! I went a bit mental and kept picking strange Layla-worthy cutlery jewellery, and Tamara had to remind me who we were styling and what for! Typical me!

Me post-appointments looking as tired as I feel!! Because I've either been sitting on a sofa writing, or running round styling I've fallen into the dreaded leggings-black-hole of doom in the last few weeks. Today I was feeling a little slutty though, so opted for this teensy H&M zip skirt, and big Miss Selfridge demin shirt to hide my haven'tbeentothegyminanage-tummy and ridiculously for the first time in ages a bit of a heel. Lesson learnt - next time I decide to make an effort I'll do it on a sofa day!

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