Tuesday, 10 August 2010

So right for now...

Hello my international lovlies!
Random fact: In the past month people from 46 different countries have visited this very blog. Amazing, no? I find this totally astounding, and quite frankly rather humbling. It kinda makes me wish I was preaching peace, and not rambling about clothes. Anyway…

For those who have been keeping up with my comings and goings, ups and downs, thin days and fat days, you'll be happy (I hope) to hear that week 3 of freelancing is going swimmingly...bloody fantastically actually. I'm working with talented, inspiring people; I'm crazy busy; challenging and pushing myself....and have 3 breakfast meetings booked in (The Wolseley, Carluccios and Princi - yum yum and yummier) - what more could I ask for?! Having said that I am still missing aspects of Grazia life, especially all my darling friends. In my 3 years there I made friends with 10 times that many people, many of whom will be friends for life (yes, you can't escape me that easily I’m afraid – think flea on stray dog)! Another great thing about working at Grazia is that you pick up loads of funny sayings...

…which neatly brings us to the picture of moi above. This is my new favourite outfit. When it comes to clothes there’s little I like more than putting a new outfit together. Inspiration tends to come when I’m in bed, just before I go to sleep. I lay there and think about how I’m feeling and how I want to look; what I haven’t worn for a while, new ways to wear things and new combinations. I love it. I build them up bit by bit; what accessories will I need, how I should wear my hair, and even imagine how they will feel on. Then, when I wake up in the morning I’ll get a rush of excitement when I remember that I’m going to try out something new, that it’s not just going to be another sartorial groundhog day. Sometimes they don’t work out; I’ve remembered something inaccurately, something doesn’t fit, or it’s just too bonkers (even for me). Days like today are magic though – it’s like having a new skin, and I feel fantastic, because my outfit totally reflects my mood and portrays to the world exactly who and what I want to be.

I was given this skirt at least a year ago by some very good family friends of ours who live in Bombay (thank you Bharucha’s)! Maxi skirts weren’t ‘in’ at the time, but something about it caught my imagination. Mainly I love it because although it’s a floral maxi skirt (ie. prim) it’s totally see-through (i.e slutty), and therefore wonderfully subversive. I tried wearing it immediately, but it just wasn’t working and I looked like I should be begging on the underground (not exactly what I was aiming for). Then last night, just before I went to sleep it popped into my head, and as it did so did one of my favourite Grazia sayings, - It's just so right for now! And you know what – I really think as an outfit it is. Prim yet slutty, summery yet warm, revealing yet cosy…if you’re planning on seeing me in the next couple of weeks this is what I’ll be wearing…unless I get any more midnight inspiration that is….!

For those who are wondering....vest, Hennes; Blazer, Miss Selfridge; Boots, Gap; Bag, Chloe; Umbrellaellaella, Primark.


  1. Hey loving the look, i reckon i've got the same brolly - primarni? Keep up the good work on the blog, i've just started mine and would love for you to check it out - www.confessions-of-a-fashion-outsider.blogspot.com. I've linked yours and would be great if you could do the same!

  2. ha ha - it sure is! Oh thank you - yes, will defo check yours out! x