Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Following the leader

Sorry for the late update - seem to have lost all perspective of time! Have decided that freelancing is very much like being on school holidays (especially when you're living back at home), and one day kind of blends into the next…

Anyway, this weekend I made the now long trek (boo hoo) East for Field Day...because all my friends were going and although I'm no longer a Dalstonite I couldn't bear to miss out on all the fun.

For those who know nothing of Field Day here are 5 things you need to know;

1. It's a one-day festival in Victoria Park, Hackney (East London for all you out-of-towners)

2. Apart from Coachella it's THE ONLY festival where it's acceptable to wear heels (not that I would, I mean you’re still in a field after all, but many did and I didn’t think they were total twats)

3. The music is all very up-and-coming in-the-know kinda stuff…last year the (basically unknown) XX played to just 500 people on one of the smaller stages (all kicking ourselves now, eh)! I have to admit I didn’t know anyone playing this year…but then music’s not really my thang…

4. Punters consist almost solely of 20-something East-London-residing creative types

5. It’s basically like London Fields on a Saturday, but with shit loos, live music, and you have to pay!

Monochrome was definitely the call of the day, and before the cider took hold I snapped some stylish ladies to share with you (and a couple of friends who'd kill me if they didn't get a shout out!)…

Grace rocking THE most genius sunglasses I've ever ever ever seen! Grace got hers in NYC, but I was SO desperate for them I did a spot of online stalking and managed to track this Kerin Rose pair down (very easily I have to say, thank you Google) at Browns. Literally can't put into words quite how much I want them, so am going to settle for very very much!
p.s. In case you're wondering what's stopping me, it's not the shame of being a style stalker, but the £250 price tag!

I still may not be brave enough to wear mine in public...yet, but how utterly gorgeous does Jennifer look in her cycling shorts. See, told you they were hot (on the right bod)!

Ready for a game of designer or high-street? This is the lovely Effie, and I'll give you 3 guesses as to where her sunnies are from....

...I'm serious, answer at the bottom of the page!

Lucy and Sophie, the monochrome twins! Sophie's stripy top was made by her friend, and has made me want to get back on that sewing machine!

Me and Kat Pat, aka. The Ginges with the fringes!

That pesky Brazilian bird again! RIP her sunnies which sadly didn't survive the afternoon....

Me, in my fave festival look 2010, of shorts and vest.
Shorts (size 16 so they're nice and big and comfy), H&M; snakeskin belt, LK Bennett; vest, H&M; pumps, my daddy's shop!; mustard shirt, Italian flea market - 1 Euro! (my new fave item in my wardrobe btw); wicker bag, Topshop; scarf, Temperley.

Answer = River Island! Whodda guessed it?

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