Wednesday, 30 June 2010

What to wear on Worthy Farm

Fear not fashion friends – I know I’ve been away for a few days (hopefully some of you followed my adventures on twitter - MissSisiG) – but I’ve made it back from Glastonbury 2010 in one-ish piece. It’s taken 3 days, but finally I’m feeling fully conscious again – phew! I’ve also spent the past 3 days sulking like a petulant teenager because I couldn’t stay on Sunday to watch Stevie Wonder. Just to opening bars of ‘I just called to say I love you’, send me into a fuming foul-mouthed rage…

Anyway, that aside it was a fine, sunny Glasto. I spent most my time loitering in the hospitality area, not recognising people, and moaning about how badly dressed everyone was! Yes, I said it. This was the worst year for festival fashion I’ve ever known. There was no fantastic cohesive look this year, which is fine, but I’m afraid most people’s efforts seemed minimal, and the result was a field of average to appallingly dressed sunburnt drunks. Nice. Luckily for you dear reader I traipsed round cider in one hand, camera in other, and hunted down Worthy Farm’s finest – so feast ya eyes on this lot!

This is Tabitha. You may recognise her (I didn’t. Well, In fact I did – I just thought it was because I knew her or something). She’s actually one half of indie/ disco DJ duo the Queens of Noize. I’m however the Queen of the Numpty’s after bounding up to her and asking her name about 50 times, despite the fact I should have probably have recognised her…but worse than that, because she was wearing it on her necklace round her neck. Massive DUH!
Anyway, I think she looks beyond HOT. I’d kill to be this blonde/ thin/ sexy, and just love her sense of style. It’s so laid-back yet totally together. Simple, yet intricate. Remember this face - she’s a cool chick!

Hayley borrowed this rather sexy playsuit from…wait for this…her Mother-in-law! Can you imagine! Just the thought of having a Mother-in-law that cool sends me into a frenzy! This could have looked totally OTT slut-bag, but the fact she paired it with these plain pumps and cute peachy tailored jacket really takes it down a notch. We like the way you work it lady…If I were you I’d be getting this baby ‘dry-cleaned’ for the next year of so, wink wink!

I basically had to bully Alice into having her picture taken. For a split second I knew what it was to be a pap hot on Britters tail desperate for that million-dolar shot – I tasted blood, and wanted my prize! Anyway, I hope you can see why I was so desperate; soft-soft pink chiffon maxi dress, string of pearls, blonde hair, and then out of nowhere geeky thick-black-rimmed glasses, and all topped of with bare feet! Lovely Alice totally has the whole ethereal midnight naughty pixie princess thing down to a tee.

Such a great look for now. For me Steph hit the 2010 fashion nail on the head with this. Any other year wearing a pair of harem pants would have immediately singled you out as one of the 'Stone circle' brigade. This year however it means you're fashion savy and probably have a great stomach! Steph ticks both boxes, and the fact she's teamed her h&m harems with a teeny tiny top and MASSIVE gold hoops, means I have serious style envy!

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