Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Oui oui Paradis!

Only a short snappy post tonight as I’m beyond tired. Just saw new French romcom Heartbreaker (which is embargoed, which is a shame as I would have said it’s brill go see), and have come out with a simply MASSIVE girl crush obsession with Vanessa Paradis (yes, I know, like 10 million years later!). She’s just imperfect perfection…in fact, as I type this I am desperately trying to saw a Paradis-alike gap between my front teeth with a blunt emery board. No joke.

To console myself, and all you other 'Paradites' out there, I’ve unearthed this totally awful cringe inducing youtube clip of the 14 year old ‘Nessa singing a song about a taxi driver called Joe. Unfortunately she still has the same vomit-inducing body, but hey the song's crap! Wow – feeling less self-loathsome already!

Off to have sweet Paradis/ Depp / me in a hot-tub dreams.



  1. haha cool post, i like your "about me" section, im very much the same! very short and whatnot! no money, no rich parents lol :)
    great blog anyway

  2. Babes how did you not know about Joe le Taxi?!! I'm not ashemed to say i loved that song when i was younger!
    Kimmy x

  3. Ah thanks Candice.

    Kimmy - Up till the age of about 12 I refused to listen to anything but Michael Jackson. Henri knows all the words to this - weird! xx