Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Glasto Glasto here I come!

Last night was hell. I had to pack for Glasto (where I'm working, although sure I'll squeeze a little play in!), as I'm out tonight at the ViceStyle party (yay!), and will no doubt have a massive hangover and be incapable of spelling my name in the morning.

When I was younger and my parents were packing to go on holiday I used to throw massive tantrums because I wanted to join in and have my say (yes – looking back I was horrendous child diva). I just didn't understand why they were being so mean and not letting me join in the fun...oh how times have changed!

The main problem (in the words of many an ex-boyf) is that I just have SO MUCH STUFF. Add to that the fact that I'm chronically indecisive, and the whole thing just turns into a monumental Lord of the Rings epic style saga.

So, last night, I decided to add a new twist/ just a tad more pressure to proceedings by chronicling my living hell (as well as my Glasto buys and looks) for you. Really hop you like.....oh, and wish me luck!

My to-do, or should I say to-pack list. Believe it or not I'm actually quite organised most of the time (although not last Tuesday when I had my knickers inside out and left my house keys in my bedroom door)!

The obligatory Hunters. Can't imagine stepping into a muddy field without them. These are my much -loved festival edition pair. I like that fact they're short as I'm rather chunk-of-calf, so they stop at a v flattering place for me.

Somewhere under all this is my bed. I like to put things I have to do/ pack on my bed, as I need to get them off before going to sleep, so will HAVE to pack/ do them. You see? Method in the madness innit!

I swore I wouldn't buy anything specifically for Glasto this year....and then I saw this baby, and new I couldn't go without it. It was a total bargain, as a. it's only £19! Yes, you saw right ONE NINE! And b. It's day-glo which means I won't get lost, which means it's basically a safety item, so bargain!

And then....I saw this! It's a purse on a strap! How handy, and only £9! HAD.TO.HAVE.

So hat options. I always think it's good to have a beanie in your bag, because come sunset it can get a bit chilly, and you loose most heat from your head, and also by the end of the day my hair looks like Russell Brand's after a week on the town, so it's good to hide it! Perfect example of having TOO MUCH STUFF though - honestly can't decide which to take. Giant Hennes beanie, old beanie I knicked off me dad, or River Island lace veil please!

Look 1: Maxi dress, Zambia. Visor, Ebay. Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Have never done a maxi at a festival before, but it's cut just above ankle, and the weather's meant to be amazing this weekend, so reckon it's worth a shot. Also - really easy to go to the loo, and can also easily layer with tights/ leggings underneath. Perf!

Look 2: Vest, Hennes: Body, Primark. Headscarf, my mum got me from a charity shop. 3 necklaces, old house-mate Julia, my aunty with Juicy Couture rings on, colleague's desk! Whistle, Notting hill carnival back in the day. I love this look - I'll probs wear it with leggings. It's just so easy to wear. A bit TMI, but I'm not planning to do the body up, he he!

Look 3: Shorts, Hennes. Vest, Hennes. Necklace, loser table at work! I LOVE my boyfriend shorts. I got them to go to Zambia, and they're so comfy and flattering I could just live in them.

My amazing waistcoat! I brought this at a vintage stall at Glasto last year for £15 and I LOVE IT. I'm not sure when I'll wear it (maybe with shorts), but I just have to take it with - it just epitomises that festival spirit.

Finally, my beauty goodies which were kindly sent to me by my friend at Aveda. I'm SOOOOOOO grateful - just looking at them feels me with little bit of festival luxury!


  1. am totally gutted not to be going and will be living glasto 2010 through you so PLEASE BLOG LOADS!!!

  2. You have shared a very nice collection of goodies. This is seems to be that you are preparing for going somewhere out.

  3. I think you are right what you all describe in the post. Thanks that you shared with us.