Thursday, 24 June 2010

Wellies, check! Sunnies, check! Hand sanitizer, check! Glasto here I come!

Woohoo! No better feeling than heading of to Glasto, I swear. Am getting driven up, so have worn a maxi dress for ultimate car comfort....and as I'm heading to a festival have accessorised with my fave festival bumbag! This year I pimped it with some Vivienne Westwood badges....well why the hell not I thought! Ok, so have a suitcase, backpack, MJ bag, and canvas bag...enough luggage for the weekend???? As I'm working am staying in a b&b - mucho luxurious....anyway, my cars here to take me to Shoreditch house to meet my lift...stay tuned for much gossip and festival fashion fun....catch me tweeting as MissSisiG - please follow - promise I'll have all the scoops first this weekend!

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