Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Confessions of a former cycling shorts connoisseur

After weeks of mercilessly slagging cycling shorts and their wearers off, I’m……well……let’s just say considering a change of heart and mind. You see, truth be known in my younger years I was a rather fervent cycling shorts wearer. From neon lycra to grey cotton; on their own or under skirts and denim shorts – I wore my vast collection of cycling shorts frequently and with pride. Then I got older, grew some hips…oh, and the ‘90’s ended, and with the rest of the civilised world my cycling shorts were sent to the back of my cupboard of fashion regrets and shame.

However this weekend after not one, but two positive encounters with cycling shorts (see images below), and one rather frustrating encounter with a vest (too short as dress, but too long/ loose to wear with denim shorts or a skirt) I’m seriously considering rehabilitating them.

Random girl
On Friday night, inbetween drowning sorrows in vodka, and stalking Anne Hathaway, I spotted this girl – my first real life cycling shorts sighting. I liked.

My friend Zoe
Then on Saturday night my good friend Zoe text me to say she was wearing a pair! I obvs insisted on a pic, and her boyf promptly whizzed this over. Good work Zo – top fash points I say! Also like her reasoning - surely cycling shorts are just summer leggings? Good point well made, no?

Inspiration (aka. Totally out of my crappy budget!)

Louis Vuitton
Yes, I know I slated these/ the image of me in them the other day, but hell to it – I want them, I’d rock them, and what’s more I’d get a massive blonde afro to match, so there!

What can you say, I mean Karl has even managed to make cycling shorts look chic and stylish – nothing compares….

Options (more in my current budget - sob wail)

Comfortable, practical, and simple; I’m thinking these might be a good first step back on the cycling short ladder…..or are they just a really boring cop-out?

Costume Dept, ASOS
So you have to imagine that you’ll only really be seeing the bottoms of them….obviously no crouch exposure in these (as it would be full exposure, and I’m not crazy/ stupid/ Britters)….

Friends, family, strangers and people who clicked onto the blog by mistake - all help/ opinions/ advice kindly received…..Danke xxx


  1. hmmmmm...i dont knowabout these still..i think im too short to carry them off though..cool post :)


  2. Well i'm only 5' 1.5" - do you think I should avoid too????? Maybe I'll buy a pair and post a pic and then we can all have a vote!

    Thanks for the comment, and link btw - will check your blog out right now! x

  3. Its all about the frill trim at the bottom and DM's. Haute!

  4. Don't go there with the plain grey cycling shorts yuk yuk yuk, but maybe the black lace under a dress with just a bit showing will be ok unless it looks like your nickers are showing he he he