Wednesday, 23 June 2010

My favourite Vice

Am back from the ViceStyle launch party, and unexpectedly sober enough to blog! What can I say - it was hot, sexy, and debauched....everything you'd expect from Vice really. For those who don't know I have a bit of a Vice obsession/ addiction....maybe it's just because I'm a total scaredy cat and have to live my hedonistic life through their pages, or maybe it's just because they make me laugh - always the best way to seduce me.

The party was sponsored by Reebok, and kicked off at their snazzy store on Great Eastern st. Amy W turned up to bag her free pair, and seemed on good form. Unfortunately I got a bit of a mouthful from her later....THE SHAME! Kinda feel like it was a right of passage though....does that mean I'm a proper journo now???? How tiny is she though - crazy!! Reckon if she'd have really kicked of I could have taken her!!

My far too beautiful best friend Clara who was my plus wonder I'm single when I hang out with her!

Vice Style's Editor Daryoush who was very proud of his T-shirt! Kinda stalked him a bit tonight...can't decide what's more embarrassing - stalking someone at a party or being abused by Winehouse in front of the loo queue....hhmmmm, food for thought indeed!

Swings. Yes, there were swings hanging from the ceiling. Mental. This WAS NOT like the swing at The Sanctuary day spa. This was kamikaze swinging. Only Vice would ignore all health and safety implications and think that swings in a busy, confined, poorly lit space with people under influences in precarious heels would be a good idea...and that, in short, is why I LOVE THEM!

Viva La Vice (in all it's forms) 4eva!

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