Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Organic living

Bad bad Si. This time last week I whetted many an appetite by mentioning I was off for a lovely Riverford Organic dinner in a Yurt. I promised food porn and then got shy; apologies. As you’d expect from the Kings of Organic, the meal and the company were both delightful. I was (I'm thinking mistakenly) sat next to Guy Watson, Riverford's founder, who was lovely and totally un-worthy (thank the lord), and also caught a brief chat with their head chef Jane Baxter, who I'm very tempted to try and spend a lost weekend eating and drinking with! Anywhere, here it is - lots of pictures of lovely things – enjoy!

Oh – and for those who are still a little confused – a Yurt is a lovely big very posh tent!

The Yurt was housed on Freightliners City Farm in Islington - definitely the strangest dinner venue I've been to in a while. really was an actual farm....with, like, animals and shit (literally)! It was all very Darling buds of May.

Ta-da - The Yurt! See, all very fact set me up a camper bed in the corner, and I'd call it home!

Lovely organic veg box centrepiece...which I later moved to the floor behind me so I could fully attack the food....and then later stepped on...and...made a really bad joke about 'making pesto'....yeah...cringe!

My plus 1. I thought it would be in-keeping with the whole organic English-countryside vibe, and it totally was - joy! It's one of my all time favourite bags; it was a gift from my Editor, and came from Koh Samui (as in the boutique in Covent Garden which sadly became a victim of the recession, not the Thai party Island)., this Yurt is a travelling Yurt...which means if you don't live in London it may soon be pitched in a field/ farm/ park near you! Check out the Riverford website for more details…trust me, you want to!

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    I like this post, i love cool food photos haha....sounds like you had fun though!