Friday, 28 May 2010

Best day ever: Part 3

Yes, we're on the final stage of my ‘best day ever’ marathon....jealous yet?! Well, if not, ladies (and gay men), this might push you over the edge. After buying some nicely discounted Louboutin's and trying on some stylish shades I then tottered/ hobbled off to a preview screening of the cultural phenomenon that is SATC2 aka. THE only thing anyone's talking about at the mo (in my world at least).

You'll be happy to hear I'm not going to bang on about it (mainly because it's 8.30 on a Friday night, and I'm still in the office, and I'd quite like to go and drink some red wine and watch crap tv). I will however say this:

Yes, I liked it. No, I don't think it was the best film ever made, or that it did justice to the series, or that it's Oscar worthy; but I did enjoy watching it (for the most part). I didn't think it was racist. I think there were majorly cringe-worthy parts, and that the plot came galloping towards you like "Lawrence of my labia" (don't get? That's because you haven't seen it yet, he he), but I'd watch it pj's, with some wine/ a hangover. Basically I think it is what it is - a silly girly romcom with THE MOST HERMES-ZING WARDROBE IN-THE-WORLD. Patricia Field utterly excelled herself, and there was hardly a scene where I didn’t get palpitations/ wasn’t overcome with total and utter ugly, selfish, capitalist, consumer society, greedy, green-with-envy jealousy – and ironically, for me, that was enough.

Oh – and Liza was incredible!

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