Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Heaven is a place on earth...

God, I really do have to stop using songs as blog titles....especially bad tragic '80's ones....but it's true, I really really have! Today I was honoured (and I don't say that lightly) to be invited to take a sneaky peak at the brand-spanking new, all singing, all dancing, couldn’t-begin-to-imagine-in-your-wildest-dreams, Louis Vuitton Maison on New Bond street. There are no words, so here are some pictures (which believe me don’t even begin to do any of it any justice)….phew

He’s a giraffe with gold studded hooves, wearing 4 Louis Vuitton scarfs, AND a monochrome Louis Vuitton harness. If you can think of anything more utterly fabulous in the world I’ll give up chocolate for eternity.

For those who hadn’t noticed (which won’t be anyone who’s seen me in the last month), I’m having a bit of a headscarf moment (sparked by my mental fringe). Anyway, I usually use scraps or old scarves, but that was before I knew this existed. I need it. Imagine. It would be mind-blowing. I’d smile all day, and do good deeds and everything....promise!

Introducing the bag bar, aka. the moving wall of luxury arm-candy, aka. the LV bag enthusiast’s wet dream…

Yes, it’s the most luxe picnic hamper you’ll ever see. I can’t imagine quite where or how you’d use it, but I want it nonetheless. Defo going on my wedding list (YES, I know I need the boy first….small inconvenience).

I love flat shoes (there, I said it). These are;
a. Louis Vuitton
b. Gold
c. With studs
d. And sequins
(In my best Greg Wallace off Masterchef voice) "Flats don’t get much better than this"…

SO amazing I’ve officially upgraded it from a bumbag, to an mmmmbag.

Katie Grand's installation. Amazing. I love this. I love her. This makes me want to walk around with a fricking bag ON MY HEAD - what a twat! Amazing!

And just so I don’t get accused of being a great big suck-up (although, I kinda am)…Me, in these, can you imagine? For humanities sake I steer clear of cycling shorts, and kinda think the rest of the world should follow suit. Good people at Louis Vuitton, two questions;
1. What were you thinking?
2. Why??

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