Friday, 28 May 2010

Best day ever: Part 1

Wow, whadda day whadda day whadda day…yesterday was officially the best day ever (bar the whole work thing, as obviously the best day ever would involve being lazy in the sun, not being busy in an office), but apart from that yesterday was totally sublime! It was such a totally fantastic day in fact that I’ve had to break down into 3 parts (show off, moi, never). So, try not to hate me, but here we go….

Best day ever: Part 1

Mum, Dad, Mr Bank Manager, and all sensible friends please look away now. Yesterday began with a financially ill-advised trip to the secret Louboutin sample sale….this is what happened…..

My phone went off very early. After my initial annoyance and three snoozes I remembered why, and cheered up a bit! I met the lovely Simon (of fame) in the queue with a couple of Starbucks and the long long wait began (1 ½ hours to be precise)……on the cold streets of London. With a mild case of pneumonia we were eventually let in…..and this is what happened next….

After much deliberation, Cinderella ugly sister moments, and a rejected bank card (oh the shame) I eventually left with the following……

Ah….my darling beautiful babies! I’m so happy about these. I love snakeskin shoes, I just think they’re so effortlessly classy and go with everything (well, as much as that’s possible). Also, I’ve just recently been told that my 10 year old denim platforms are beyond repair (RIP), so was looking for a platform sandal replacement. See - they were actually a necessity. Jus-ti-fied baby!

How cute – no? They’re Louboutin Espadrille flats! There’s nothing I don’t love about them. They’re made from the softest softest leather, it’s all I can do to not rub them all over my face (the fact I’ve now worn them out on the mean streets of London has deterred me little). They’re cute. They’re comfy. Oh….and they’re mine, whoop whoop!

Ya what? Loub Hi-Tops??? Oh yes, I did it. For most it may be about the 6-inch heels, but I’m a pragmatist/ lazy girl, and you can’t beat a good old pair of trainers. Especially when they happen to be;
a. Louboutin
b. Gold embroidered white leather
c. Louboutin
Nike – hit the Hi-Road – there are new, shinier, blingier, far more exclusive Hi-Tops in town!


  1. Too late I've seen the bolg. Did you buy the snakeskin platforms and if yes can I borrow them please pretty please.

  2. He he - you, they are mine....yes, of course - for a fee...xx