Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Remember Remember....British Folklore

Roughly a year ago I had the pleasure of interviewing the fantastically talented Simon Costin - set designer/ art director extraordinaire. Not simply content with his day job, Simon recently fulfilled a life-long personal dream by establishing The Museum of British Folklore. The Museum, which seeks to 'promote, celebrate and revitalise the folk heritage of Britain', is shockingly the only institution dedicated to British folklore in the country, and as such undertakes some really very exciting, interesting and important work.

Late as ever, this video should have gone up before bonfire night, but as a. the exhibition is on until 11th December, and b. it's in Warwickshire (where most of you are not), I'll let myself off the tardiness hook this time!

Do take a couple of minutes to watch though, as it’s a beautifully captivating slice of Simon Costin (and Richard Sharples) magic.

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