Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The lost month....

Oh god, it’s been so long. There really is no excuse for my absence – life’s just been on fast forward for the last month.

Have been up to all sorts of random/ exciting things, so by way of getting back into your good books I thought I’d share a few of them with you.

This is what my mouth has tasted, eyes have seen, and things that have made me smile……

I love a headscarf, (especially when my hair’s being particularly crazy/ I’m being particularly lazy) and this is my current fave. It's an off cut from Zambia. Simples.

I went to this A-MA-ZING Sipsmith/ Providores pop-up restaurant. It was without a doubt one of the best meals of my life. There were 6 courses, and a different Sipsmith vodka or gin cocktail served with each course – it was honestly incredible. I got totally sozzled, and ended up being bundled into a cab by the pr at the end of the night. Classy

Obvs I’ve been keeping my fashion-bitch eye out. Spotted these monstrosities on the tube not so long ago. All I have to say on the matter is that I’m sorry you had to see them too. Really I am.

Yes, he’s a cat in a scarf, which makes him THE coolest cat in the world. He hangs out with a Big Issue seller in Covent Garden, and I'm kinda obsessed with him. I dropped and cracked the screen on my phone taking this picture in fact, so I hope you appreciate it!

This is me while I could still stand at my belated birthday party. I brought the feather skirt out for a special birthday airing, and wore it with a plain vest, shimmering nude and gold tights, and my fave new snakeskin open toe boots. I love birthdays – they’re the one time when you can wear absolutely anything you choose, and I obviously always take full advantage of this. I can’t reveal how old I am as I’m a lady, but I will say I’m old enough to know better….

Mini birthday cupcakes which my lovely friend Henri made me....yummy!

Saw this in Ridley Road market, and still can't believe my eyes. Can you imagine turning up at Heathrow with this? Why would you even need a suitcase this big? How could you wheel it? Where would you store it? And how comes they decided to make it leopard print. Genius, pure genius!

Argh, so obviously I LOVE these Alice Palmer studded tights. I spotted them on her pr at a press day, and had to get a snap. They're the definition of fierce. I NEED these in my life!

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