Thursday, 29 April 2010

She's alright, and she's ok....

The lovely people at BT invited me to join them in their very luxurious box at the O2 to see Whitney Houston the other night – what a treat. Now, I’ve never been a massive Whitney fan. There are songs of hers which I love (no prizes for guessing which ones), but I don’t know all the album tracks or anything like that. To be honest I wouldn’t have even paid to go and see her, but when offered I couldn’t resist – I mean it’s Whitney man!

I somehow managed to wangle a plus 3, so rocked with an entertainment writer, a psychiatrist and a lawyer – yes, I was prepared for every eventuality! Now, I know she’s been blasted in the press, but I’m here to tell you that in my humble opinion she was fantastic. True she couldn’t hit all the notes, but not through lack of trying – I mean she was a crack addict, we all know this, and she’s nearly 50 –give the woman a break for gods sake! She could still more than hold a tune though, and would still blow the likes of Cheryl Cole out the water – I mean, her range is far diminished, but when she was in her comfort zone she was off – it just made you sad for what she’s lost though. More than anything though I thought she seemed like a lovely Lady. Witty, wise and kind, I went on a freebie and left a fan. Go Whitters I say (and shouted a number of times during the concert…..apparently 2-and-a-bit pints of Stella gets me tipsy – classy)!

Here are some slightly random pics….what can I say it was a random night….enjoy!

The superfan who kept the stadium entertained before the concert....there's always one!

Whitters in her first outfit; a mirrored dress, and seriously fierce matching shoes. Unfortunatley she doesn't have the figure she once had, so it wasn't the most flattering choice, but snaps for effort!

Her ill-advised on-show bra strap....she's not Carrie Bradshaw - sack the stylist I say!

Her slightly more (dare I say) age-appropriate second outfit of a white tux-waistcoat thing and glitter leggings...

Introducing Graham, the totally wasted fan who kept us entertained on the tube journey home....nice!

Why you shouldn't drink and's no laughing matter...

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