Monday, 26 April 2010


For those of you who missed Glee last night, WWMD stands for What Would Madonna Do and is officially my new favourite acronym (I never really got the whole lol thing anyway). Without wanting to bang on about it too much, Glee's Madonna episode was pure genius, and without a shadow of a doubt the best so far. And also, was it only me kicking myself when I found out that she's Sue Sylvester’s ultimate idol? I mean, the clues have been there all along!

To be honest I’ve always been more of an MJ girl, but since Celebration found its way onto my ipod sometime before Christmas, I’ve been more than a little obsessed with Madge, and in true Sisi G style have been channelling this obsession through my wardrobe; lace gloves, hair bows, ripped tights, general slutiness. I know it’s total cheese on toast, but there really is something empowering about her – she’s a true icon, and inspiration. In the words of the great woman herself - Express yourself.

p.s. MASSIVE thank you to Anna D for the photoshop help as I am a total loser, and don't have a clue how to use it!

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