Saturday, 24 April 2010

Not wanting to be smug, but.....

Wow, what a brilliant day. The sun is shining, I’ve spent the morning mooching round Broadway market with my friend Lucy, and then, to top it all off I just unearthed a bit of vintage/ 2nd hand bargainous Moschino in the Hackney Empire vintage market – what a treat! For those of you who are now thinking I’m a total smug bastard, please console yourselves with the following facts;
1. Last weekend was a total disaster - I spent the whole thing locked inside and missed all the sunny fun!
2. I never ever ever find designer stuff in vintage or charity shops. Never. And I spend a lot of time in them, so I was owed this!
3. It’s a bit tight across the bust.

Anyway, regardless of all of the 3rd point I’m most delighted with my purchase, and will soon be found wearing it with my denim boyfriend shorts and a black vest so there.

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