Thursday, 7 March 2013

Louise Gray for Topshop for my 30th

Anyone who knows me, or follows my xoJane ramblings, will know that I recently (at first reluctantly but then rather enthusiastically), celebrated my 30th birthday.  It was obviously a momentous occasion, and required an equally momentous outfit.  My first thought was to wear one of the many mental vintage creations I’ve (secretly) bought over the years, yet never worn (as in all honesty there are really very few occasions in my life which call for a scene-stealing vintage ensemble).  But then, one night, when there was bugger all on’t telly, I found myself shopping the Topshop sale, and there, in all it’s glistening glory was what was to become my super-duper special 30th birthday dress.  Nothing shouts LOOK AT ME, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY, WHERE’S MY MOFO CAKE AT? quite like a sequinned dress.  But on top of all of that this dress also screeched, I’M 30, AND WHAT? BEST BELIEVE I STILL GOT IT…because it was by Louise Gray.  Ok, Louise Gray for Topshop, but Louise Gray nonetheless, and as close to Louise Gray as I’m gonna get on my meagre freelance salary.

I’m a massive Louise Gray fan (had you noticed?).  I love her unashamed brashness, her courageous use of colour, her fearless combinations of (what should be) clashing prints, her statement accessories, and most of all, the fact her whole aesthetic is just so utterly perfectly quintessentially London.  Right now.

So, in celebration of Louise Gray (for Topshop), and my fabulous 30th birthday dress I made a lil’ gallery of some of my fave Louise Gray looks from the past four seasons.*

* You might need to put your sunnies on.  

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