Monday, 18 February 2013

My new theme choooon...

Could this song BE any more awesome?  Not since Afroman has a novelty record touched me so deeply.  In general I'm hopelessly disillusioned with contemporary music (yes, I just said contemporary like I'm 800, and what?); Chris Brow, Ne-yo (urgh, even the spelling of his name is idiotic), Taylor Swift and all their cronies  just leave me cold. Not a talented toe between them.  But this - this is inspired.  Funny, observant, witty - if you can't be truly talented at least try and have a sense of humour!  So, big up my charity shop crew - keep doing your thing, hunting out the bargains, rocking your thrify looks and making the world jealous.

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  1. Love this one. Maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!