Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Kitten heels for xoJane

Meow! How'd you like my badass new photoshop skillz?  As you can probably tell I'm rather chuffed with them!  Anyway, last week I wrote a feature for xoJane about my love of kitten heels.  In recent years I've become increasingly fed-up with the rising height of high heels (and with it my rising inability to go an entire night in a pair).  It got to the stage where I had to admit defeat and bow out gracefully, and so for the past couple of years I've been wearing lots of flats.  Sometimes you just need an extra little bit of lift and elegance though, and that my friends is where the kitten heel comes in.  Anyway, don't let me ruin the feature for you; to read my top 5 reasons for loving kitten heels and see my pick of this season's crop click through to xoJane here.

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