Saturday, 11 September 2010

My Fashion Night Out by One Party Si

I know I know, Vogue Fashion Night Out was like a lifetime ago! What with fashion week prep, and Charlotte prep, and there only being 24 hours in the day I really haven't had time to post this though, sorry!
Anyway, as is fast becoming my motto - Better late than never!

Now, all you lovely regular readers will know that on Wednesday I hit a grand total of one party at FNO, causing me to finally admit that I'm crap at party hopping (for those who missed it and are sad, dry those tears - here's the link).

The one party I made it to was Louis Vuitton's, held in their stunning new Maison.

On arrival we were greeted by trays of mouth-watering cocktails....or mocktails as they turned out to be (much to my friend Laura's annoyance). I think her reaction went something like, 'No alcohol?! Huh? But it's a party. I've NEVER been to a party without alcohol before....(rant, grumble, confused acceptance)'. I was driving though, so was secretly most delighted that I wouldn't be the only sober one. Yay!

My partners in (sober) crime. My friend Laura (who I went to college with) who's now an INCREDIBLE make-up artist, and friend of shoe guru Jonathan Kelsey - who's boots she's wearing here. Jealous. And Nik - uber pr/ blogger/ general font of all fashion/ industry knowledge.

Apart from all the gorgeous lust-worthy, tantrum-inducing bags, shoes, wallets, belts, scarves etc etc, the main attraction were the two Louis Vuitton photo booths (the 2nd party in recent months to feature a photo booth - the other being the My-Wardrobe denim bar launch - a party trend I'm loving). This booth was ingeniously accompanied by a Louis Vuitton origami accessories case. How much do I want this (the actual perspex case AND the origami accessories inside)! If I ever win the lottery, or marry rich this is going top of my 'Ridiculous luxuries' list.

Accessory options were as follows: Massive bow headband, bunny ears, Riding hat with bobble ponytail, moustache on a stick, and two strange bulges attached with ribbon. Laura immediately wanted the moustache (and is annoyingly one of those people gorgeous enough to carry it off!). I immediately wanted the bow, but then realised that everyone else was going for it, so ended up choosing the bulges, which I wore as shoulder pads (although I'm now wishing I'd have worn them as a Madonna stylee conical bra). Sigh.

Yum. I know it's a bit obvious, but I simply can't help desperately wanting this studded belt. Can't help it, won't help it....and most importantly can't really afford it. Sigh x2.

Forget window shopping, trying on sunglasses and taking snaps is the way forward. Much fashion hilarity, with none of the 'does my bum look big in this' hang-ups.

I then had the pleasure of being introduced to Nik's friend, and Esquires 2nd best dressed real man 2010, Matthew Zorpas. Charming, good-looking and well dressed - just being near Matthew makes you want to go home, take a shower and re-think your entire look. And just look at his pose. What a natural! Chic, chic, chic.

Found directly outside The Maison. Despite a total lack of evidence, I strongly believe these banana skins were planted on the pavement by either, fashion haters, Louis Vuitton competitors or some new Channel 4 hidden camera comedy show. What they didn't know that was due to the total lack of alcohol we all the left the party uncharacteristically lucid. So there!

My favourite image of the night. I just think it's so symbolic of how everyday shops and people were brought alive by a little touch of something luxurious, fun and special. I honestly didn't know what to expect from FNO, but I have to say what a brilliant idea it is. I've never seen central London so alive, and there was a really wonderful, uplifting vibe - it was kinda like carnival, but without the music, police, people-jams and stabbings. Perfect!


  1. i need that fucking amazing LV belt in my life!!! s-m-f x

  2. I know I know - wanna go 50/50 on it?! xx