Wednesday, 8 September 2010

1 day - 4 lessons

Wow - what a day. Today's been one of those days where as I sit here to write about it I really have to think hard to remember anything! This morning seems like a life time ago (having said that, we've actually just crossed over into a new day to be fair)!

Today started out with a bit of a manic prep for another Charlotte Church shoot. Manic because we were only told about the shoot the day before - which didn't really leave much time for the whole calling-in/appointment/edit thing!!! Anyway, Tamara's a total pro, and Charlotte's lovely and v chilled, so the shoot itself was absolutely fantastic and no-drama as ever. Phew.

They always say you learn (or should learn) something new every day. Well, today I've exceeded myself, and learnt not one, but 4 things.

Lesson 1: I'm crap at party-hopping

To be fair I've known this since I was about 16. I don't know why, but I'm just not the party hopping type. Well actually, it's probably just because I'm a bit lazy. Tonight, as I'm sure you all know was Vogue's Fashion Night Out. I didn't go last year (as I was working for a competing title it didn't seem right), however this year I planned to hit at least 3 parties - Harvey Nic's, Louis Vuitton and Agent Provocateur.

I decided to start of at Louis Vuitton. They sent me an invite. I like invites - they make me feel special and important. I went, I mingled, I bumped into a few familiar faces....and before I new it it was home time! Major fail on the party hopping front.

Lesson 2: Do what's in your heart

Now - truth be told I shouldn't have been partying at all tonight. Tonight was Erev Rosh Hashanah (i.e. Jewish New Year's eve). Unlike British NY, Jewish NY is all about spending time with family and spiritual renewal - not getting pissed on a river boat and watching fireworks. I've never not spent Rosh Hashanah at synagogue and with my family, but what with this whole freelancing thing I really felt I should be out there. Dilemma. After much toing and froing I decided to go out and Vogue-it-up. On reflection/ arriving home, I'm not sure that was the right decision. Work's important, but family first always. Lesson learnt.

Lesson 3: Don't not eat all day and then eat a whole roast dinner and cake at 11.30pm

Not eating all day was never in the plan (I'm really not vain enough for all that) - it really was just one of those days when it didn't happen. The roast - well it had to be eaten - it was my Rosh Hashanah dinner after all. I maybe didn't need to mainline the whole thing in 3 minutes though and then polish it off with a slice (and a bit) or apple cake and a cup of tea. Feel sick.

Lesson 4: Stop resisting the technological revolution!

I've been off email all day, and have just discovered 136 new emails. I think this is my cue to get an upgrade to something a bit more technologically advanced than an old small Nokia!

P.S. Check back for pictures and lots more fun and gossip from Vogue fashion night out tomorrow....for now I'm off to bed!

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