Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Uk crew – how are ya? Recovered from bank holiday fun yet? I was planning to blog...but birthdays, anniversaries, clubs, pubs and fine dining all took over!

Once again I continued my Carnival ban. I just don't think Carnival and London are working together any more – it’s just turned into one long human traffic jam, and is more like being stuck on a really packed rush-hour train than partying in the street – no fun! I did however go clubbing in Ilford (for a VERY good friends birthday – yes it was as horrific as it sounds), attended a very private festival in some woods, munched some serious Nando’s, arrived late to a rained-off 1st anniversary picnic, and rounded it all off with dinner at The York and Albany (Mr Ramsey’s pub). I also wore a lot of bright pink lipstick, broke my fave tribal bead necklace, and previewed a pair of black polka dot culotte shorts and a black and white zig zag vest, both Hennes (which I initially attempted to wear together, but had to admit looked like a set of fancy pj’s)!

And so to Nico (above), who wins the prize for my fave outfit of the weekend. Just moments before this picture was taken he was dressed as a flying squirrel, but I believe there was an red wine related spillage, so he changed into this. I love the trailer-trashiness of this look, and the way that although it looks (and knowing Nico probably was) randomly thrown together, the red in the shirt picks up the red in the cap, and the yellow and red in the shirt work with the orange in the tee – ya see? Most of all though, I LOVE the fact that Nico’s wearing a hooters t-shirt. I have one, but have never been brave/ stupid enough to wear it; he is though, and for that I salute him!

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