Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sunshine on a rainy day

Day 5 of freelancing, and it hasn’t been all lie-ins, daytime tv and partying….well actually it kinda has, and to be honest it was kind of getting me down. As much as I hate to admit it I’m a creature of habit, and love a bit of routine. Also, having just moved house (I’ve decided that sounds better than ‘back home’) my whole life’s scattered round the house in various bags and boxes (which I’m yet to get my head around unpacking), and I’m also working towards the deadline of my first freelance commission (exciting/ terrifying in equal measures right now), so I decided what I needed was a quiet, sober, early night in. So, obviously what I did was jump in the shower, throw on a dress and head into town!

1st stop: Yellowdoor winter preview


Clarks! Can you believe it. I love these though - the next step on from the biker and the army boot. Ankle, sheepskin lined - what's not to love?

Comptoir des cotonniers. Absolutely love these too. Obviously skeepskin's going to be massive this winter (remember Burberry's awesome flying jackets?). These really remind me of the GAP boots everyone went mad over last winter. I'm not usually one for a wedge, but I really like it here...may have to treat myself!

100% undisputed label of the moment...

Acne have totally managed to tap into the zeitgeist, and are making the clothes all the cool kids want. I'm predicting this is going to be their next hero dress following on from their iconic (and yes, I really mean that) extreme stripe maxi (which even Primark have now copied, boo hoo). Strapless, draped, with deep pockets, I'm expecting to see this dress (and it's many imitations) everywhere very soon!

Leather sleeved top. Good for looking super-hot-badass-chick....bad for perspiration I'd imagine...

Acne mens
for boys who just wanna have fu-un...

Flipping everything on it's head Acne have taken women's wear as their inspiration. See - frilly vest...

and women's cut blazer.

Forget the Hawaiian shirt, the way to my heart right now is totally a man in a tropical jean, mmmm!

Not so sure about these though....bit too Village people for my liking!


No no no no no! All I'm saying! We are not amphibians. Socks should not be worn with flip flops, ever. No!

These however are a joy and a delight. Also, interesting back story as they're by the London based design studio Paternity (who's work, as you may have guessed is all based around patterns). These tights are limited edition, screen printed, and a total bargain at only £30 each!

Really strong pieces from Carianne Moore's new Futuristic Tribalism collection. V S&M I thought, and strangely, particularly liked the headbands!

2nd stop: Ronnie Scotts for Ruby Sings

This is my beautiful friend Ada, who by day is a scary lawyer, and by night is the enigmatic host of Ruby sings at Ronnie Scotts. The night is on the last Tuesday of the month and showcases new and unsigned acts in the lush surroundings of Ronnie's upstairs bar (who by the by do some of the best/ strongest cocktails in London). Basically it's a brrrrriliant night out, and if you live in London you should 100% definitely go down and check it out...that's an order!

3rd stop: Dinner with Sunshine and random Charlotte street Blues action!

The one and only Sunshine. Sunshine by name, Sunshine by nature, as she really does manage to brighten my day whenever I see her! We met for a bite to eat, catch up, gossip etc etc, and randomly ended up....

at Charlotte St Blues (because I needed a wee!) - in the middle of this amazing show! It's now my new favourite venue in London. As well as this amazing band (no idea who they were), there was this crazy dancing girl who just got up and started dancing like she was in Flashdance - amazing!

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