Friday, 30 July 2010

Good bird, bad bird: Today I saw Naomi....and then a bird pooed on me!

Just another day in the glamorous life of a fashion blogger; today I spotted none other than fash-wan ICON Naomi Campbell (and her beefy body guard) going about her business in Knightsbridge...and then 5 minutes later a pigeon pooed on the table where I was enjoying a spot of lunch with gorgeous Stephanie from Alberta Ferretti! Talk about one extreme to another! What's more it's not even my first or most horrific encounter with a pigeon this week. On Tuesday on my way to Ronnie’s a pigeon actually fell from the sky and splatted (and when I say splatted I don’t want to go into too many details, but lets just say Pets Rescue couldn’t have helped) right next to me in the middle of Tottenham court road! Shocked was not the word. I’d only just come to terms with it (I witnessed an actual death after all) when I was targeted by its buddy today! Now, I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but one more pigeon related incident this week and I’m going to have to get some sort of Naomi style back-up!

Re La Campbell though - how HOT is she looking, and what a slip of a thing! I’d always been under the impression she was some sort of super-size Amazonian monster, but on the contrary - ooh mama, I could hardly take my eyes off her! Fingers crossed for a super-size comeback soon!!

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