Friday, 4 June 2010

Not quite Gaga

Why are short weeks always such a total cassé mes couilles (apparently that’s French for ball ache – thought it sounded a bit more lady like)?! Urgh – they really do take all the joy out of a 3-day weekend! This one’s been particularly eventful, so I was most pleased when my friend Cazza said she take me to CGH to drown my sorrows after work.

So, we’re sitting there and these two big SUV’s turn up and she convinces me they’re for Gaga. So I start hyperventilating and trying to figure out whether to play it cool or jump her, when this complete bunch of randoms get in. What a let down! Well, that did nothing to better my mood. Then, all of a sudden Caroline said, ‘that’s Anne Hathaway’. I looked and all I could see was a totally av girl in a beyond av outfit wearing massive fuck-off headphones, and after the whole Gaga thing I’d totally lost faith in Cazza’s celeb judgement. So off I tottered to hunt her down, and sure enough, there in bloody Oddbins in Covent Garden was Anne frigging Hathaway – whooda thought it! V proud of my shot – Cazza didn’t think I’d get one, paps watch ya backs! Love it – Anne Hathaway goes to Oddbins and buys a couple of bottles to take back to the Covent Garden hotel….you’d have thought on her salary she’d have been able to afford room service, no?!

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