Saturday, 20 February 2010

Just another fashion week - cut knees, ticket thieves, old friends, new friends and lots of booze

Whadda-day, whadda-day, whadda-day. After a shaky start (literally, I feel over and cut my knee, and a French exchange student laughed at me, so I maturely starred her out then told her to fuck off) – I’ve had an absolutely fan-bloody-tastic day.

You won’t be surprised to hear that I didn’t make it to my first too shows….in fact, I didn’t make it to my third either, because I’m a shit Londoner and never know where anything is and got on the wrong bus! I therefore started my day with cocktails at Somerset house with the gorgeous Angel Jackson girls. Whilst there I met (well, actually kinda accosted) stylist extraordinaire Anna Trevelyan, and made a total prat out of myself telling her how jealous I am that her blog has a disclaimer before you can enter it – smooth, so smooth. After really embarrassingly over staying my welcome (nothing worse that a loiterer, eh) I eventually stumbled to Leicester square for the Alice screening….to realise (i.e. actually read the ticket properly) that I was a day late – twat! Anyway, all’s well that ends well. I made up for my lack of show action by hitting Ann-Sofie Back and PPQ. Get this; I was at queuing to get into th PPQ show and some stole my ticket…can you believe it???? We’d got through the main door into the tent, and then we were just queuing again to get into the actual space. I had my ticket tied to my arm (don’t ask, was tipsy, thought it was a bright idea), and I took my jacket off for a picture (the jumpsuit was properly working for me today – got papped loads….sadly mainly by student papers and other blogs….French Vogue – where art thou???), and my ticket dropped on the floor. Next thing I know some blonde bitch with a Calvin Klein shopping bag has swiped it! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! I went storming off to find her and couldn’t, told the pr’s and they said I wasn’t the only one – madness! People, watch your goodie bags! In fact, with people like that about watch your accessories too! Anyway, polished off the day with a bit of a boogie (and by breaking 3 glasses) at the PPQ after party. After only eating an almond croissant all day, and drinking almost constantly since 3 in the afternoon I’ve finally hit (literally) the sack……Ahhhh, what a lovely day though – I met SO many beautiful, talented, generally gorgeous people…love fashion week, love fashion people….kinda hate my shoes!

p.s. meant to be at Betty Jackson at 9am….wish me luck! xxx

My one meal of the day, breakfast on the bus - how glam, not!

My cut knee, boo hoo - the shame, the shame!

Me and Felicity my soulmate meet at last. Love her, love all the Angel Jackson girls - everyone should buy their gorgeous bags! (p.s. please note my 'pimped' AJ bag)!

Um, how much am I loving! It's a friggin holster man!

Mary from The Uniform project blog. Thought she looked AWESOME.

Lovely Holly Fulton necklaces....yes please!

SUPER-skinny model at Sofie-Ann Back...eek!

Fierce earring - part robo-cop, part bluetooth headset - full-on sex!

Crazy greasy, 3-week old hair at Ann-Sofie Back show...I will never (intentionally) be doing this to mine!

A bum

Hhhmmmm....not sure this look will translate well to the high-street.....can you imagine the Primark version!

The only full look I actually liked at Ann-Sofie Back - can't resist a bit of double denim action.

Gorgeous Julia my housemate in her pimped out Harpers Mercedes....alright for some!

Mr Gaga! No, not really, but you get what I mean. Not sure how I feel about are very sweet though!

Jodie Harsh being out-wigged at PPQ - Hilar!

A Fashion Ed in the PPQ FROW dressed as a box of chocolates....odd....

Jo Wood in the PPQ FROW - celeb spot of the day

The PPQ show. Sadly nothing too exciting - typical PPQ, nice, wearable, 80's-ish, black and gold dresses. Blah.

Lee McQueen tribute in BFC tent. Too sad.

Me and the one and only, utterly fabulous Theo at PPQ party. LOVE this boy - he always has a face full of glitter and a heart full of love and mischief.

My good friend Lou, and the soon-to-be-famous-watch-this-name Rian Peters both in MJ T-shirts - I felt very left out!

Rian's superb-for-a-straight-boy shoes....smokin!

I heart your high-top!

My friend Francis (who runs MyTailoredSuit with 3 of our other friends - check it out) and fabulous new PR friend Sunshine

Me....drunk....wearing Rian's hat....was seen shortly after doing a chicken dance and professing my love for a dyson hand dryer....dignified


  1. Love the update - pictures look great.
    P.S. Get on Twitter!!!!!

  2. Thank you! Ha ha, ok! Please help me - i'm a techno-tard! x

  3. Great pics, great impressions :o) just found your blog and already LOVE it!!